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  • just traded for an Unusual Sergent's Drill Hat with Sunbeams and 25 pure for 3 hats I wasn't going to wear (1 of 1 strange abyssal aura cfc, 1 of 2 tempered thorns cfc and 1 of 1 strange lavender landfall sinners shade) as well as a KOTJ isotope minigun. totally worth it when its being sold for 250 pure to others and people are already asking 300
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    Clean as well, so even better. Don't play soldier but I'm sure I'll find a home for it
    Someone wanted to buy my entire TF2 inventory, clearly could tell they tried to pull a fast one because over 75% of my unusuals don't have a price, one is for a non strange one (I have only strange one) and one is an old price on an unusual misc, sorry sir but I'm not an idiot lol
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    their offer was based off just the price of my inventory, with actually doing some pricing (with averaging between sales and buying and prices i was told before to put on things) instead of my inventory being around 1,100 its around 2,400.... he offered 575 lol
    I've only been able to buy guns for a little over a year and I'm getting number 12 this month.... I swear I don't have a problem
    @Hera @Brendon oh hey, winter unusual effects are out!!! *slowly pulls out credit card* who feels lucky :)
    I bought this last Thursday, 55 Pontiac Chieftan my 1st classic car


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    bought from an owner of 21 years (car was originally pink lol) and was in his garage for almost that entire time, pretty much almost done except for a couple of things
    Did some unboxing with @Hera and @Brendon these were the best out of 100 crates


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    I'm getting a Septoplasty Monday (basically realigning the wall in-between both nostrils) might see me on some of the servers next 2 weeks since ill be stuck at home on heavy painkillers :^)
    I'll be waiting for you on vsh goose

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    @Stabbin @Magglet no lol, its because the septum is almost all the way to the left in my nose, which is causing nasal drip (which goes to the back of the throat) which can be the cause of my 12 year running constant cough.
    I wish you a speedy recovery
    Going to texas November 2022 for an online friend's wedding, get to meet that friend group as well as another friend group that lives there too. pretty excited since 1st wedding I've ever been invited to, and I get to finally meet some people IRL that I really enjoy playing with. Also I'll be 21 and she is going to make me drink alcohol lol
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