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    Accepted Racism

    Accepted. Thanks for the report
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    Accepted Zee's Admin Application™

    From what I've seen you seem to be a good cover for american admins that can't get on during the early hours of day. Plus I have to wake up at 5:30 am every morning so any calls after midnight are gone to the wind. +1
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    Declined Spray Ban Appeal

    Upon reflection with another admin your spray ban appeal is denied for the time being. Please either find a different spray or fix the silhouette issue with the first one by removing it entirely and appeal again.
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    Declined 12 hour gag appeal

    Speaking about religion isn't against the rules as stated here: a) Offensive language You may not use any offensive language, which includes insults; excessive raging; disrespecting admins or other players or provoking them; or any kind of discrimination. Racism is strictly forbidden. Both the...
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    Declined Spray Ban Appeal

    Prove you have removed the silhouette of gru or have someone else do it, post it here and we can accept it.
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    Declined .n00bz.Rambo Admin Application for US 2Fort

    Given your attitude towards the admins, players, and server, I don't believe it is in panda's best interest to make you an admin. Given your history with toxic attitude towards almost everyone I can for sure say -1.
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    Declined Change gag reason

    After reading the chat logs and thinking over it, it wasn't particularly racism however it doesn't excuse your comments. Generally it was toxic but still be careful with that sort of speech from now on please.
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    Declined the scoundrel's 2fort admin application

    To be frank, your application is lacking the core details which make it suitable. You don't have punishment times listed as well as didn't elaborate on why you would be a good candidate other than "I don't tolerate this or that" and "I'm laid back." Given the lack of body to the application I'm...
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    Accepted eHam Ban Appeal

    @Pricholas This is the one I was talking about
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    Accepted Banned for Hacking on US 2fort

    At this point I'm tired of it too, after talking to the other admins it was close but still rules as not hacking. The ban will be appealed. Accepted
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    Accepted Banned for Hacking on US 2fort

    The current demo on sourcebans for "rat" has an instance where rat is seen killing a scout then flicking to a heavy in spawn and staring in that direction while crossing bridge. In another demo for the ban of "salad" has 2 instances which are suspect. The first has salad following a cloaked spy...
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    Accepted Banned for hacking US 2fort

    After reviewing the demo and talking with other admins, the ban was wrongfully placed and will be removed. Accepted
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    Accepted :pepesad: 2fort

    Muted and dealt with. Accepted
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    Declined 2Fort Admin Application

    After joining the server and monitoring your actions as well as getting feedback about you from other admins, I can say that I'm gonna give a -1. I was dissapointed when I joined the server and immediatly heard you call another player retarded for saying that y'all could push with uber as well...
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    Accepted Emma's 2Fort Application

    As what PNN said, I haven't been on the server enough to see you around, due to work, and I can't really form an opinion on you until I witness you handling some rule breakers on the server. My vote will be Neutral. Given my past 3 years experience with GarnetGaming I can somewhat vouch that...