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Pea Sells

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Apr 10, 2024
Name of your Banned Steam Account: Pea Sells
Steam ID 32:

Date and Time of the Ban:

2023-08-05 10:12:43
Reason about the Ban: MFK
Admin that Banned you: bananawastaken
Why should you receive a unban for the ban / gag / mute / teamban:

I believe that it was a stupid act, and it was my first punishment on the server.

I was once very active on the server, i hope that you can understand that i've learned my lesson and won't do mfk again
I am sorry about the delay, could you please send a link to all the steam accounts you have used? As well as any other accounts in your household, your siblings etc.
Thats alr no worries , I honestly do not remember the name to the other account (same as the login) as the ban occurred a while ago.

The only other steam user in my house doesn't play tf2
Apologies for the wait
I have added you on steam to discuss and handle your appeal as I may discuss sensitive information.

I'll update this appeal with the verdict once the issue is solved.
Here's a copy paste of what I've said on steam to highlight what you cannot do

[6:44 AM]
Ok so here is the deal. I need to apply a perm teamban on this account you are on. As for the alt, you cannot go on that alt on panda community. I believe you mention you do not remember it so it shouldn't be coming back. This also includes in the future any other alts, even if you have no active punishment, you cannot play on an alt anymore. If you are caught again the gameserver ban stays on this time
for me to put the teamban on we need to both be on the server
we get this over with now you can play. after a while, you can appeal that teamban
but that'll be up to the jailbreak team to decide

Perm teamban was applied.
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