1. Denzel Crocker

    Awaiting Feedback [JB] Add jb_aztec

    https://gamebanana.com/mods/cats/5397 This is a very fun looking map with a unique atmosphere and tons of minigames. This map also has feature found only on one other map (Bricker): a roulette wheel near cells and armory you can spin to choose a minigame if you can't choose one yourself...
  2. hehe troll

    Awaiting Feedback [JB] Add jb_bunker_b1a

    I would like to suggest a map to be added to the cycle of the panda.tf Jailbreak rotation. https://gamebanana.com/mods/397854 This is the map in question, I've been working on it for 1 month now, and it's ready for release. It's been playtested by the people in the Prison Architects & Panda...
  3. HotdogsareRdy

    Question on how to release a tf2 map for jailbreak

    I got curious on how people release maps on panda tf2, so I'm just wondering if you need to be an admin or you need to donate in order to release a map
  4. Kryo

    Declined [JB] Command Suggestion: Guardban Length command

    Hello, this is my formal request for an added command to be provided to all players on the Panda.tf Jailbreak server, add a command to, by doing !guardban, to show in hours or minutes how long your guardban is, this would help especially with particularly long guardbans. Thanks Sincerely, Kryo
  5. alexrox360

    Completed [JB] Update Carnival to v2a

    Got a new update for carnival, this one buffing out some minor problems in the game concerning Krusty. Fixed invisible bug, fixed the krusty model hanging around too long, and even made it accessible for demoknight players. I also made the ferris wheel in the back rideable, and added a kill...
  6. farmerwithashotgun575

    Declined [JB] Readd ba_mariopartyextended_v4

    This map was literally the best map. The server crashes were great and the minigames were so much fun. This map provides so much life to the server. I just want it added back.
  7. gusic

    Completed [JB] Add jb_wip_remade

    A Classic Jailbreak Map Now Under Construction! A 2014 map remade with: - Rendering optimizations - Graphical overhauls - More minigames than before - Slight layout changes - And more! Old Minigames: - Crush game - Deathrun - Disco - Fallgame - Maze - Nine Square - Obstacle Course - Pool -...
  8. EnderAsteroid

    Declined [JB] Remove jb_volcano_v1a

    Which map is the suggestion about? jb_volcano_v1a What do you want to happen to these maps? Remove it Why do you want these map changes? Volcano is a map which people like to pick, but no one likes to play. It's only voted because haha funny joke map, 90% of the time everyone just rtvs...
  9. OpenDanger

    Updated JB Regular Tier List

    I made this using my friends list as a reference so if you aint on it dont expect to be on the list there are some joke ones on there so feel free to ignore them https://tiermaker.com/create/updated-updated-jb-regular-tier-list-15332197
  10. Unicake

    Awaiting Feedback [JB] Remove Security Entity Limit Plugin

    This plugin's functionality is to remove random entities from the map to prevent server crashes. As seen by jb_carnival and recently rare occurences at jb_district_remake_v10, the plugin doesn't even protect the server from crashes, and the random entity removing feature is horrible and a...
  11. Denzel Crocker

    Completed [JB] Remove jb_hopjb_v11

    Noticed now we have both v11 and v12 of Hopjb in our map rotation right now. There is literally no reason to have both, as v12 is a virtually 100% straight upgrade from v11 with the addition of a significantly revamped Disco. The differences are even less between v8 and v11. I assume Kevin...
  12. Coal

    Declined [JB/ All panda servers] !hug and !kiss + leaderboards reinstated

    Some of the older players may remember this feature, don't know why it was removed, maybe due to spam/flood (in chat) maybe bring it back as donator exclusive perk. If spam is an issue maybe limit it to a 5-15 minute cooldown and available through a command menu. Still with the chat...
  13. Denzel Crocker

    Declined [JB] Remove jb_opst

    While I may have thought this map was okay at first, times have changed and, this map has a number of flaws that I think make it a candidate for removal: - First of all, this is probably the least played map in our entire rotation. I have seldom ever seen this map get played in recent days and...
  14. alexrox360

    Duplicate [JB] Update Jb_Carnival to v2

    I still have yet to see the update - and other map updates - implemented into the US official rotation, but here's v2. Taking new and old comments from my previous update, as well as new stuff I fixed from v1c when Semi tested it on the US Server. Highlights include: Fully Fixed Bonzo Below...
  15. Superepicperson

    Declined Add zombie survival

    i really want zombie survival to be added because i think it would be so awesome and cool to be a zombie medic and kill a mario hater!!11
  16. Denzel Crocker

    Completed [JB] Re-add the original District and remove Hopjb V8

    Which map is the suggestion about? jb_district_a4fix and ba_hopjb_v8 What do you want to happen to these maps? Re-add the original District and remove the v8 of Hopjb. Why do you want these map changes? - DISTRICT: There's no denying that the remake of District is amazing and one of the best...
  17. YanViktor

    Declined [JB] Remove jb_night

    Which map is the suggestion about? jb_night What is supposed to happen to the map? Remove Why do you want this map change? Everyone RTV's this map as soon as it comes up, plus with a secret that gives reds ammo right at cells, the map sucks and we barely play it at all and the map does not...
  18. Madact

    Jailbreak Applicant requirement of having a microphone

    This thread is to receive feedback about the requirement of all jailbreak applicants applying to have a microphone. This is displayed currently within the admin template under: So the question I have for the community is this: Should this still be a requirement? A bit of a backstory about...
  19. Unicake

    Completed [JB] Update jb_cargo to R2

    Which map is the suggestion about? jb_cargo What is supposed to happen to the map? Update Why do you want this map change? Huge update: You can no longer throw wrap assassin through cell doors Some small visual fixes here and there Memory squares now has a hard mode where all reds turn...
  20. the troller

    non beneficial exploit!!

    Basically just drop the frog over and over on oranger, ive dropped by ~5000 points doing this