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Duration and Cooldown length of Overtalk?

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Dec 21, 2020
Hello folks, I've recently came back to jb lately and some things changed, one of which is the addition of a plugin that prevents overtalking.

on the surface it feels quite useful for the warden, yes but overall it's been abused quite considerably over the time I've been playing, which is logical I would say, there is basically no drawback to using the plugin at all.

for now there is virtually no way to combat abuse so a small suggestion that i would love to put out here, nothing too major since it seems suggestion wise alot of the new folks wanted this and i dont really wanna encroach on the new regular base.

Add a timer + cooldown to it, That way there would be less abuse of it imo, and the mechanism that would help wardens stay for the duration, they'd have time to give orders and not have the ability to just abuse voice chat mute, lets not forget that this gamemode is quite social after all.

Personally, it's confusing when you see it in text chat. I have trouble understanding if I can overtalk or not because of how the plugin phrases it.
.. just linking my opinion here
Adding a new poll to determine cooldown and duration

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