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Other Freak Fortress Boss Suggestions

Discussion in 'Freak Fortress 2 -' started by KnotRed, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. KnotRed

    KnotRed New Member

    Jan 5, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Since my last suggestion was disliked due to Anime being involved, a change of pace is needed;

    Some were found here; [FF2] Epicman's Bosses (NEW BOSS: Mr. Game And Watch) - AlliedModders

    Mr. Game & Watch
    Scout Hale

    Abilities: Super Jump, Weighdown & Parachute (press space to deploy the chute)

    Rage: Model Change + Crits + Shield +White Fog
    +Shield means like an uber or immune to all damage
    +Temporary white fog will appear to obstruct players view

    Rage model
    Still the same hitbox of Game & Watch

    Bowser Jr.
    Demoman Hale

    Abilities: Super Jump & Weighdown

    has 2 weapons, a Loose Cannon & IDK what melee he has

    Rage: Gains a better Loose Cannon + Uber

    Multiple Lives: After Life Loss Gains Crits + Faster Moving Speed


    Sniper Hale

    Abilities: Magic Teleport & Weighdown

    Rage: Uber + Ion Cannon + 5 Instaports
    Instaports, Point Teleports use the reload key to use 1

    Also includes a Duo with his brother Papyrus; found here if you want the duo to work without problems [FF2] Neon_Inferno's Bosses V3 (New Boss: Knuckles) - AlliedModders

    these 3 hales created by Epicman with others

    Now some that were made by M76030
    [FF2] M7's Bosses [True Ending] - AlliedModders

    a different version of Ass Pancakes that doesn't make him look like a knockoff Sonic crossed with a Jester & with a different melee weapon cause its a hammer not a bat

    Solid Snake

    Class: Spy
    Weapon: Your Eternal Reward (Can disguise on Backstab)
    Charge Ability: Super Jump
    Any other special abilities: Can change his Weapon to a Grenade Launcher with the SPECIAL Button
    (Uses RAGE over time)[Special button is mouse 3]

    -Gains Ubercharge
    -Gains a Big Kill
    -Disguises Himself
    -Outlines the Enemies
    -Uses an Overlay on the Enemies

    Combat Soldier

    Class: Soldier
    Weapon: Equalizer / Escape Plan
    Charge Ability: Plugin (SuperJump)
    Any other special abilities: Can switch between his weapons by pressing the SPECIAL button

    -Gains a Liberty Launcher
    -Outlines everyone
    -Gains Minicrits

    Zombie Soldier
    A Challenging boss to play as, due to his health only being 800

    Class: Soldier
    Weapon: Unarmed Combat
    Charge Ability: None (Increased normal jump)
    Any other special abilities: Has uber for 2:15 minutes (also has a timer display the time you need to survive before you can attack him), outlines everyone and darkens the map

    Uses AMS (Ability Management System (basically you can choose whatever RAGE you wanna use (switch by pressing RELOAD)))
    -Gains a Speedboost
    -Summons Minions
    -Stuns everyone around him
  2. SoulPriest

    SoulPriest New Member

    Dec 20, 2015
    Likes Received:
    The zombie boss sounds really interesting! Could be either really boring or really funny to play as/against. But I'm worried about his jump passive.. there are maps where he wont be able to do anything against delayers.. such as manncohq or crevice where soldiers/engineers can jump up on ledges, rocks or buildings and delay forever cuz the boss wont be able to get to them. Jump needs to be quite high but not too high if its not an ability.

    Maybe "escape from hale" isn't in the "versus hale" genre and needs another mode for itself, but it could definitely be interesting.
  3. Spam Goose XIII

    Spam Goose XIII Active Member

    Oct 8, 2017
    Likes Received:
    I would love to see some new bosses to ff2! These ones are very interesting, but I don't think the zombie soldier would work well (demos, soldiers and pyros) but the others could. While we're at it we should add Shrek :^)
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