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Oct 4, 2018
This suggestion is aimed at scenarios where warden is killed and Freeday for all is automatically commenced. Freeday for all LR and first day Freeday wouldn't be applicable.

As of right now whenever the warden is slain during the round, Freeday for all is initiated. This is a signal to tell everyone that the round is over, and Prisoners/reds are free to do whatever they like as LR cannot be given and no orders shall be given. I believe this leads to some issues where people get bored of watching the blues either hiding/dragging ass and or reds not rebelling or doing anything significant. Simply just a lack of progression leading to some people leaving the server which obviously has a negative impact.

My suggestion is to allow the guards to kill all remaining prisoners under specific parameters. This could be after X amount of time, After the 10 minute timer reaches X amount of time, ect. I personally am not sure on what we should do for this part and instead think this could get fleshed out with discussions among both admins and players, maybe someone has a better idea. Would love to hear your guy's thoughts on that.

I mean usually reds get to rebell pretty quickly,
I think the best solution would be that guards have to hunt down rebellers, because as of now guards simply say "I am not the last guard tho" or "Its freeday I can hide here and there etc."

As for the timer I would say after 3-4 Minutes seems to be a good middle ground. Enough time for people try to do round secrets and enough to enjoy the freeday.

I am all for this change since when admins on they keep saying "timebomb in 1 Minute if noone rebells", which would also get rid of that.

Voted for "Yes, other" but would also vote for "Yes After X amnt..."
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Most blu players can’t count or pay attention to two things at once, but I really think this is a good idea to at least give a try. 2.5-4 minutes of free day is more than enough to get done most of what you could want to do on a free day. If you’ve rebelled the guards are supposed to be killing you anyway, so it’s not like this would inherently effect rebelling all too much to begin with.

If the blu team can actually follow through with this change, this is a game changer in getting people to actually play the game.
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If we can't have an auto timebomb this would be a good alternative.

While "X" minutes on the clock would be easier to keep track of, "X" minutes after warden has been slain would be better at eliminating the long 8 minute freedays that are more of a problem.
seems fair, some people just cant be bothered to rebel no matter whats thrown at them
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This sounds like a really good suggestion The only thing I don’t understand is would people with free days lose their free day like during lgka?
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Honestly I’m more in favor of it being the second option, for example “if warden is locked and the round clock reaches 4 minutes or under, the guards should kill the remaining reds.” It prevents guards miscounting, or forgetting the time the warden dies, and sets a concrete number that is pretty far into the round.
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the Second option seems like a better choice just for less confusion from both teams. The only concern i have is that people could complain if the blue team kills early. I do like that this suggestion pushes the reds to do something after the warden dies.
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if warden dies before 5:00, guards can hunt and chase reds

if warden dies after 5:00, guards cannot hunt and chase reds

just an idea
I voted for "Yes, After the 10 minute timer reaches X amount of time" and I think 5:00 is a good time stamp for that. When warden dies after 5:00 remaining guards just kill everyone; before 5:00 guards just wait to 5:00 and then start killin'. (lgka still applies and ignores this whole thing, basically guards>1 = waiting to 5:00; guards=1 = lgka)
Hypothetical spitball I have no idea of implementing, but would it be possible for the plugin to give a server nofitication?
I.E 2 minutes before round is over a server message is displayed similar to the LGKA message displayed, notifying remaining blus it's okay to kill remaining reds.
I like the suggestion but I do feel it could be a slippery slope of unnecessary "freekill" reports due to blus keeping track of time improperly or other stipulations.
X amount of time after the warden is slain is a fantastic idea on paper, but in practice I'm somewhat wary of the proposition.
if warden dies before 5:00, guards can hunt and chase reds

if warden dies after 5:00, guards cannot hunt and chase reds

just an idea
This could work, but I think it would require too many situational things such as "oh warden died at 5:02 yall are kos" or people who just want to not be murdered on sight basically as soon as warden died. Maybe I am overthinking this, but I see this as an idea that is really really good on paper, but has too many variables working against it in practice, If anyone disagrees I'd love to hear why because I kinda like the idea in theory.
I definitely am supportive of this the first option. Something like 2-3 minutes after warden dies would be ideal.
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I really like this idea as I find that often times when a warden dies early in the round its usually too late to either rewarden (because Cells and orders were already given) or end the round quick enough with other rebellers killing the rest of the blues and leads to just a lot of dead air where nothing is happening, leading to a lot of players getting bored and urging others to get the round over with so they can play again.
Im definitely for the idea of having it either at a set time or X amount of minutes after a warden dies
This sounds like a really good suggestion The only thing I don’t understand is would people with free days lose their free day like during lgka?
Yes, lgka plugin removes the freeday Status. This is already a thing.
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Really I think one of jailbreaks main problem is the absolute waste of time that happens after warden dies. Usually it's the last couple of blues camping a secluded area waiting for the other blues to die so they can lgka or reds not rebelling and just mulling about for five minutes or until the round ends. If this rule can be made into a clear and concise system that can't be taken advantage of and is easily understandable by new players then I'm on board.
Well I best explain what's going on :oops:

So we are aware of the results being in favor of 'Yes, X amount of time after warden is slain' and currently in talks. Expressing concerns and possible restrictions.
There is possibly a plugin in development at the moment due to this thread which may somewhat solve it. Check semi's post on this thread, but different I believe with who gets slain. Details are not exactly clear, so those that do know feel free to post it here or it'll either be brought up in a new / this suggestion in the upcoming future

If however nothing comes from this, we will just go with placing it in the rules. For now I'll pop up a poll to get the community's opinion on how many minutes after warden is slain.
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Sorry but ONE MINUTE? might as well just slay all the reds after the warden dies...

Freedays can be fun for the first few minutes. There's no need for a freeday if you only get 60 seconds to do anything. 3-4 minutes is the perfect amount of time to get everything done.
I think the best alternative would be freeday until X time ends and slay all reds after that
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