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Nov 30, 2020
Hey guys I think we should spin back some memories and go back to the original district.In my opinion i think that this district and the new district in the same map pool would be nice.The old district has no bugs or lags from when it was last on here so I think it should come back

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Yes, the map has changed to the point that this map and the new map are completely different minigame wise, but I find this map to be very cramped, and often all that is done on the map all rotation is climb and obby.
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I just remember this map having a cramped and confusing layout, and I barely remember any of the minigames besides the Obby.
ill keep it very simple

i dont see a reason to add an old version of a map we already have, it would only flood our map pool more.
there is nothing that would really convince me we really need 2 districts, i'd rather see new/other maps being added then having an old duplicate
Does it have a trivia
iirc theres one where crazy taxi in modern district is

for thread content old district was, respectfully, piss. it was frequently rtv'd off because there were two (2) minigames that people played on average and there were like 5? more beyond that. if memory servers right, one of them was like 9 square but instead of 9 squares it was 3 and another one of those five (flood escape) would on average wipe the red team on it's own except for those who memorized the layout. it wasn't particularly skill-based or even rng-based, you pretty much had to die on it over and over until you learned the maze.

basically if you want to relive district just go play the modern one and only do climb cuz thats all ur gonna be doing anyways on old district
I was going to say something in support of adding this map back but I am struggling to remember having a good time on this map.

For example, you can just leave climb before the finish line and walk out. It’s not game breaking, just annoying.

And that’s the only mini game people played ever…

I quite literally can not for the life of me remember ANYTHING about this map which speak volumes because I remember more about wild west and I only played it once or twice when it was in the map pool.
I don’t think this map belongs in a map pool anymore.
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Another thing I never liked about this map is how dull it looked graphically. The remake is far more lively.
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