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Jun 25, 2014
why now?, before it was tons easier for them since they just get near the locker and got instant full ammo/health.
no i mean it is easier for them to kill, the lockers extinguish fire. but thinking about it you are right, lockers stop after burn, and if a pyro stay to burn you lockers didn't save ya. finally nvm you are right.


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Mar 8, 2014
I think putting an additional dispenser one on top of the existing one will solve the pyro problem. Just a guess, but I never noticed a big change in dispenser sound volume when healing from two of them.


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Jun 15, 2015
I would stay at the dispensers too because of less rocketspamming soldiers.
Also I don't think that the pyro is stronger then before now, when you aim good you can take them out in my opinion.
I found out that the dispensers also heal disguised enemy spys, but since spy is a pretty weak class in the small walkways it shouldnt be a huge problem in my eyes.


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Dec 21, 2014
I had a talk with Hisu and other duel admins, and we decided to change a few things (due to a complaint from a user on the forum)

  • Removed the trigger capture area; it's completely useless since you can't even capture the control point.
  • Changed the boxes in the middle of the map to prop_physics.
  • Expanded the trigger_hurt in each spawn to cover the whole spawn area; if spies get teleported in they will be damaged and die.
  • You can no longer stickycamp the window at 2nd floor, if you try to detonate a sticky or shoot a rocket at the window (not through the window because that still works) it will automatically break and no damage will be done.
  • The dispensers now heal faster. Except for the normal dispenser heal rate it will heal 60HP extra every half second (it does not provide ammo faster)

Download: Click me.

Up to @Kevin if he feels like adding it, and I hope Jarza is okay with me changing it a bit.

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