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Jan 6, 2017
Okay this is a Tutorial on how to deal with rulebreakers or on how to get them banned. @TRGGB2 really really wanted me to make a 3rd version so I decided to make a high quality shitpost this time. While my old one was just about guardbanning, this time it will focus about everything to deal with rulebreakers in general. Anyway lets get started.

How to deal with Rulebreakers.

So before we get started, this thread has been sponsored by RAID: SHAD- there a couple steps to take when it comes to dealing with rulebreakers

Steps to take​

  1. Warning them
  2. Using !call
  3. Making recordings
  4. Reporting on the Forums
  5. Bonus: Just ban them lmfao
Well not that you REALLY need to read this thread in the first place but hey sometimes boredom can get a bit out of hand

1. Warning them​

The first thing that should come through your mind is to warn them, or just trying to explain it to them. Warning people about them breaking rules will not always work of course. But sometimes there are the ones that are unintentionally breaking rules without realizing. Maybe because they are too exited and forget what is going on around them, when they keep their microphone button pressed down or when there is a rule that is very specific that people may overlook.
Now while warning is a nice thing to do. There are certain do's and don'ts you should keep in mind.
  • Keep the warnings fair and clear
    • When warning them keep in mind if the warnings are readable or understandable, depending if you used text or voice chat. So when you do it, i would be best to say it at least twice, incase they missed it the first time. Using Voice chat is the most effective and ineffective way to warn people. Everyone will know what you will say when you use it, except for Jailbreak where you cant/are not allowed to use your microphone while dead. The problem with using Voice chat is that the target could have disabled voice chat by typing "voice_enable 0" into the console, by which using text chat would still be recommended.
  • Be nice when warning
    • When doing warnings, do not use insults or threads when you want them to stop (because really it would be hypocritical to do so). And even when they are incredibly toxic and continue to do so, do not insult them no matter what. Just because they break the rules doesn't mean you can do the same thing. Just go to the next step if warning does not work
  • Don't warn people to not cheat when they cheat
    • Its common sense that cheating is a no-no in multiplayer games and they know that it is wrong to do. However they do not take into account of how bad the consequences can be. It will take a while for them to realize what they did was wrong.
    • This also means you shouldn't point it out when someone cheats. When you notice it, keep quiet about it because some cheaters may leave the server, or turn the cheats off to prevent being banned
  • Dont warn Mass Freekillers
    • Mass Freekillers are pretty much the same as cheaters. Only difference is that sometimes a Mass Freekill can happen by accident. For example reds can give false orders which could lead into an accidental mass Freekill when the server is in a massive chaos, talking out of experience here.

2. Using !call​

!call is a simple but mostly reliable tool. Depending on the server and region, you can expect an admin to come by really quickly. Also if normal warning doesn't work, using !call could be enough to change the mind of some rulebreakers. When using !call make sure its used for a good reason. Do not use it to falsely call on people, like by doing it on the wrong user or giving the wrong reason. Or both. Its used on people that actually break rules, not on people that kill you because you're a "friendly". One or two tips when you use !call.
  • /call is the more silent option
    • while !call and /call don't seem to be that different from each other, It can matter a lot on what you use. When typing in /call it will hide the message. No one can see the message once you sent it. Which is very Useful if you use it on a cheater, without letting the cheater know.
  • The "Custom Reason" option.
    • Often seems to be forgotten on what Custom reason. I myself don't know how its possible that people manage to screw that one up but I'm not them. Anyway when choosing the custom reason, a message will appear in text chat telling you to type the reason in there. Any next message you will write be sent as a call reason, Its useful if you want to inform if there's multiple people rulebreaking.

3. Making recordings​

Recordings is something you will definetly rely on when making most player reports. Even if you don't have one, TF2 has a console with which you can easily make in-game recordings. If you want to know how to make the "demos" then go look in this thread. This thread is also very useful if you want to have demos ready at any time, however expect them to be quite long.
  • Importance of Demos
    • They are painful to use because sometimes it will crash your game instead. But are a must when recording someone that's cheating. Some cheaters are just plain obvious while others make it rather hard to notice at first. When you press "Shift + F2" you will be shown a small window. With that you are able to slow down, speed up and to get to certain parts of the demo really quickly. There are many more things to demos, but those 3 things are the most important ones. One more thing to note is that we want demos so we can upload them to the Sourcebans. That way everyone has access to see if the ban was justified or not. You can tell which bans have demos added by that small camera next to the admins name in the bans section.

4. Reporting on the Forums​

That's the last step to do if you want a certain person punished for a valid reason. While the report is pretty much the same every time, getting the targets information can differ from each person. So I will tell you what I find to be the most efficient way of reporting someone
  • Getting their SteamID: First thing you should do is to make sure you have their SteamID. You can find their ID quickly by typing in "status" into the console.
    Right next to their name you will find their ID. However the issue is that we want SteamID's looking like this: STEAM_0:0:70312089 (Thats my SteamID). So there are 2 sites you could go to to get the correct SteamID. Either using or SteamRep. seems to be very empty at first. But thats because there isnt much needed. Just enter the Steamid you copied from the target and hit Search. Once its done loading all you need is to copy paste this SteamID
    2nd option is by using SteamRep. SteamRep has much more to offer, but not something that is generally needed. And compared to, it works pretty much the same.
    • Using the correct SteamID you can now start working on the report. Because you have his name from ingame (which you can also copy from the console), the SteamID using either or SteamRep, in what server the rule was broken, what rules they broke and the evidence. Only thing missing is on how to get their correct HLStatsX profile and relevant Sourcebans. Lets start off with the Sourcebans.
      To find the Sourcebans, simply click on "BANS" on the top of your screen
      Sourcebans goes really quickly Simply insert your targets SteamID in either one of those 2 search boxes in the top right, depending on what you report the person for. Is it exploiting? Then put the targets SteamID in the "Search Bans..." search bar. Is it Micspam? Then do it in the "Search Comms..."
      Once you entered the SteamID just copy and paste the link above.

      Now onto the last step, which is to get the correct HLStatsX profile.
      First thing is to figure out how find that site, which is pretty simple. Just look at the top of your screen and click on "STATS" which is right next to "BANS"
      Now you will be redirected to a new site. What you do however is instead of scrolling down to find the server in which it had happened, simply click on Search on the top-left underneath the Logo
      Once done you will find a small search bar where you can find the SteamID of your target and then it will show all the servers that the SteamID connected to. BUT make sure you set it to "PlayerUnique ID's" and not "Player Names" otherwise no results will appear.

      In the last line you could set it so it would appear for only the specific server, but in my opinion its faster to not waste your time selecting the certain server.
      Once entered you will be met with either only one server, or the entire server list. Don't randomly select any server, but specifically the server where it happened, because every HLStatsX profile is different.
      Click on the name in which server the incident happened and copy just like the Sourcebans the link above.

      Now you pretty much got everything needed to finally report your target. Just follow this report template and you're all set. Just remember that a report could be dealth with in seconds and up to weeks.

5. Bonus: Just ban them lmfao​

Well it only works if you have admin powers in that server.
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Mar 28, 2021
So there are 2 sites you could go to get the correct SteamID. Either using or SteamRep.
Oh and also works just wanna point that out


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What if I dislike them and just want them banned?

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