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Feb 10, 2019
SourceBans Ban URL:отражать&Submit=Search
Name of your Banned Steam Account: alk (отражать at the time of ban)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:446175245
Date and Time of the Ban: 02-10-19 18:06
Reason about the Ban: Cheating
Admin that Banned you: Lighty
Why should you receive a unban for the ban / gag / mute:

Hello I would like to request my permanent ban to be revoked as I was falsely accused of cheating on panda tfdb #29.
How the ban came to be: I was playing Dodgeball on panda 29 as I usually do and out of the blue I disconnected with the ban message.. (I've never been banned or kicked from Panda servers) so I messaged my steam friend
(Meliodas) who was playing on the server at the time and asked him why I was banned and obviously he told me the reason. So I asked him to message Lighty and ask why he thought
I was cheating as I've played on the server for a long time and never had this issue. Anyway my friend asked Lighty and this is what he replied "suddenly new player and then good directs" this doesn't make much sense to me
as I have 25000 points on advanced db and not to sure on the other servers but I will link my stats below:
(I can't find any gameme stats available on panda 29. lmk if you have the link to it.)

As you can see I'm not a "new player". Another part of Lighty's evidence was something to do with him spectating me and I played worst or something when he spectated then when not. he also apparently claimed that when he used something called ghost spectate I suddenly played better. I apologise to Lighty if I'm miss quoting I'm just going off of what I've been told from people in the server at the time of my ban. This concludes all I know from what Lighty stated as I tried to add him and I also asked for more info in this discord (Discord - Alk#9543)but I'm yet to receive any news.

May I also state that I can see Lighty's point of view as the account is private which I'm assuming made him think I'm more fishy by default. If need be I could also provide some of the names of players and admins from around 4 years ago to further prove I'm not a "new player".

It would be great to see any video evidence if its available as I feel like I could debunk it.

I'd also like to add if it would help my case I could reference a number of dodgeball player's who have witnessed me play and support me in the fact that I'm legit.

If you check accounts played on panda with my ip there should be 4 or 5, 2 of which are my accounts and one i sold off that was created in around 2012. The others are siblings or friends who have come over I presume.
My current accounts: <- Banned account

Finally, if you would like me to provide any further evidence to support my case please let me know.

Thanks for reading- Alk.


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Jan 9, 2016
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