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Jan 6, 2017
So lately im having some problems with My headphone lately where it doesnt really work so good anymore and want a replacement. And while i could just google some i thought maybe you guys know any underrated good headphones. But there are some Requirements before you want to help me.
-It should have a microphone (Most preferably one that captures sound very close and not far away)
-I would like the cable to be replaceable (Current one is probably having that problem where i cant replace the cable i think)
-Price range should be at maximum 50 Euros (maybe just a little over it)
-I dont care if it has LGBTQ Lights or not. Aslong its good quality
EDIT: I live in Germany so prices may be different depending where you live if outside of Germany

Jose Stalino

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Jan 30, 2019
Bro just use speakers smh my head!

no but like actually apple headphones aren’tthat bad

Seiko Hirai

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May 9, 2020
I am personally not a fan of headsets due to the fact that once the microphone breaks, you're out of luck (happend to my Sennheiser Headset a few years ago). I recommend some decent headphones without mic and a podcast/streamer mic if you can afford it.

Though if your budget is only 50 bucks, you don't have a lot of options. At that price range you can buy any of the available options and they'll be about the same. I recommend the Corsair HS60 headsets, though that may be a bit of a bias due to having mostly Corsair parts in my PC, so take that with a grain of salt.

Finding one with a detachable cable is gonna be difficult at 50€ as that usually isn't an option until the 70-100€ mark.

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