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Nov 8, 2014
Seeing as how I'm really, really bored, I've decided to write this guide.


1. Basics
2. Items
3. Class (W3Source)
4. Items (W3Source)
5. Tips&Hints


The Scout is the fastest and arguably the most mobile class in the game.
The Scout is the most efficient at close-range but is also the most fragile class in the game which means that he can never, ever, stop moving or he'll get torn to shreds.
The Scout also has a special innate ability, the double-jump which allows him to get to most hard-to-reach places that most other classes cannot reach.



The Scattergun

DMG per pellet; 6
Pellet Count; 10
C.DMG per pellet; 18
Point Blank DMG; 90 to 105
Long Range DMG; 3 to 10
Reload Speed; 0.76 to 0.56 seconds


+50% faster firing speed
Knockback on the target and shooter
+20% bullets per shot

-10% DMG penalty
-66% clip size

DMG per pellet; 5.4
Pellet Count; 12
C.DMG per pellet; 16.2
Point Blank DMG; 92 to 113
Long Range DMG; 3 to 11
Reload Speed; 1.652 seconds


+20% bonus healing while deployed
Increase in push force taken from damage and airblast

DMG per pellet; 12
Pellet Count; 4
C.DMG per pellet; 36
Point Blank DMG; 69 to 72
Long Range DMG; 6 to 12
Reload Speed; 1.52 seconds

Soda Popper

Builds Hype as you run.
When full, Alt+Fire to active Hype mode for multiple air jumps.

+50% faster firing speed
+25% faster reload time

-66% clip size

DMG per pellet; 6
Pellet Count; 10
C.DMG per pellet; 18
Point Blank DMG; 105
Long Range DMG; 3 to 26
Reload Speed; 1.23 seconds

Back Scatter

Mini-crits targets when fired at their back from close range
-34% clip size
No random critical hits
20% less accurate

DMG per pellet;
Pellet Count; 10
C.DMG per pellet; 18
Point Blank DMG; 90 to 105
Long Range DMG; 3 to 10
Reload Speed; 0.76 to 0.56 seconds

Baby Face's Blaster

Equipping the Baby Face's Blaster will slow the Scout down from 133% of normal speed to 120% of normal speed. A boost meter is placed on the HUD when the Baby Face's Blaster is equipped. Dealing damage regardless of weapon used while equipping the Baby Face's Blaster builds up the boost meter, increasing the Scout's speed to 173% of normal speed. The boost meter maxes at 100 points of damage dealt.

-34% clip size
+10% slower movement speed on wearer
Boost reduced on air jumps

DMG per pellet; 6
Pellet Count; 10
C.DMG per pellet; 18
Point Blank DMG; 90 to 105
Long Range DMG; 3 to 10
Reload Speed; 0.76 to 0.56 seconds



DMG per bullet; 15
C.DMG per bullet; 45
Point Blank DMG; 22
Long Range DMG; 8 to 10
Reload Speed; 1.25 seconds

Bonk! Atomic Punch

The user has temporary invincibility.

Consumption time; 1.2 seconds
Recharge time; 22 seconds
Effect duration; 8 seconds


While under the effects,
+25% movement speed
+100% Mini-Crits

+10% DMG taken

Consumption time; 1.2
Recharge time; 22 seconds
Effect duration; 8 seconds

Mad Milk

Players heal 60% of the damage done to an enemy covered with milk.

Consumption time; 1.2
Recharge time; 20 seconds
Effect duration; 10 seconds


+15% damage bonus
+25% greater jump height when active

-60% clip size

DMG per bullet; 17
C.DMG per bullet; 52
Point Blank DMG; 26
Long Range DMG; 10 to 12
Reload Speed; 1.25 seconds

Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol

+15 max health on wearer
Wearer never takes falling damage

25% slower firing speed
50% fire damage vulnerability on wearer

DMG per bullet; 15
C.DMG per bullet; 45
Point Blank DMG; 22
Long Range DMG; 8 to 10
Reload Speed; 1.25 seconds

Flying Guillotine

Throw at your enemies to make them bleed!
Long distance hits cause mini-crits
100% critical hit vs stunned players

No random critical hits

DMG per throw; 50
C.DMG per throw; 150
Point Blank DMG; 44 to 57
Bleeding; 8 per second
Bleeding duration; 5 seconds
Recharge Speed; 6 seconds



DMG per hit; 35
C.DMG per hit; 105
Point Blank DMG; 30 to 40


Alt+Fire: Launches a ball that stuns opponents
-15 max health on wearer

DMG per hit; 35
C.DMG per hit; 105
Point Blank DMG; 30 to 40

Ball DMG; 15
Point Blank DMG; 13 to 17
Ball C.DMG; 45
Effect; Stuns proportionally to distance
Recharge time; 15 seconds

Holy Mackerel

Getting hit by a fish has got to be humiliating.

DMG per hit; 35
C.DMG per hit; 105
Point Blank DMG; 30 to 40

Candy Cane

On Kill: A small health pack is dropped
25% explosive damage vulnerability on wearer

DMG per hit; 35
C.DMG per hit; 105
Point Blank DMG; 30 to 40

The Boston Basher

On Hit: Bleed for 5 seconds
On Miss: Hit yourself. Idiot.

DMG per hit; 35
C.DMG per hit; 105
Point Blank DMG; 30 to 40
Bleeding; 8 per second
Bleeding duration; 5 seconds
Self-DMG; 18 + Bleeding DMG

Fan O'War

On Hit: One target at a time is marked for death, causing all damage taken to be mini-crits
-90% damage penalty

DMG per hit; 4
C.DMG per hit; 11
Point Blank DMG; 3 to 4


Grants Triple Jump: The third jump deals 10 damage when used
+30% slower firing speed
-20% damage vs players

DMG per hit; 28
C.DMG per hit; 84
Point Blank DMG; 24-32

Wrap Assassin

Alt-Fire: Launches a festive ornament that shatters causing bleed
-70% damage penalty

DMG per hit; 11
C.DMG per hit; 32
Point Blank DMG; 9 to 12

Ball DMG; 15
Point Blank DMG; 13 to 17
Ball C.DMG; 45
Effect; Bleeding
Bleeding; 8 per seconds
Bleeding duration; 5 seconds
Recharge time; 15 seconds


Undead Scourge

Vampiric Aura
Leech Health. You receive 7-25% of your damage dealt as health.
Unholy Aura
You run 5-23% faster.
You can jump higher. 15-50% less gravity.
Ultimate: Suicide Bomber
You explode when you die. Blast radius: 200-333. Damage: 300 divided by distance.

Human Alliance

Makes you partially invisible. Reduces visibility to 40%
Devotion Aura
Gives you additional 15/25/35/45 health
7/13/19/25% chance to bash the enemy. Renders the enemy immobile for 0.2 seconds.
Ultimate: Teleport
Teleport towards where you aim. 600/800/1000/1200 range.

Orcish Horde

Critical Strike.
Chance of doing critical damage.
Wind Walker.
Partial invisibility unless you are attacking an enemy.
Healing Ward.
Spawn Healing wards! Be strategic, ward heals both teams!
Ultimate: Chain Lightning.
Discharges a bolt of lightning that jumps nearly enemies 150-300 units in range, dealing each damage.

Night Elf

Chance of evading a shot.
Thorns Aura.
Deals damage to those who attack you.
Trueshot Aura.
Your attacks deal more damage.
Ultimate: Entangling Roots.
Bind enemies to the ground rendering them immobile.

Blood Mage

Chance to revive your teammates that die.
Chance of making enemy blind and disoriented.
Siphon Mana.
Steal enemy's money on damage.
Ultimate: Flame Strike
Burn the enemy over time.

Shadow Hunter

Healing Wave.
Heals teammates around you.
Chance of resisting other enemy's skill attacks.
Serpent Wards.
Wards that damage enemies if they touch.
Ultimate: Big Bad Voodoo.
You are invulnerable from physical attacks for a duration.


Fan of Knives.
A chance of damage people around you when attacked.
Immunity from ultimates.
Shadow Strike.
A chance of poisoning your enemy.
Ultimate: vengeance.
Recharge a percent of your health.

Crypt Lord

Shake the enemy crosshair.
Spiked Carapace.
Reduce incoming damage.
Shadow Strike.
Chance of dealing extra damage.
Ultimate: Locust Swarm.
Releases locust and attacks enemy.

Corrupted Disciple

Electric Tide.
Expands electric rings around you, deals the most damage at the edge.

Corrupted Conduit.
Your victim will lose damage per attack for a duration. Auto activate when not on cooldown.
Static Discharge.
Chance to heal you and your teammates around you then you are damaged.
Ultimate: Overload.
Shocks the lowest hp enemy around you per second while you gain damage per hit.

Soul Reaper

Heals teammates around you and damages enemies around you.
Withering Presence.
Enemies take damage just by being near you.
Inhuman Nature.
You heal when anyone around you dies.
Ultimate:Demonic Execution.
Deals a large amount of damage based on how much of the enemy's health is missing.

Blood Hunter

Blood Crazy.
Those damaged by you will bleed for 2 HP per second for 4 - 10 seconds.
Heal 5-20 percent of the victim's max HP on kill.
Blood Sense.
Those who are below 5-20% max HP take critical damage.
Ultimate: Hemorrhage.
The target will take damage if he moves.

Naix - Lifestealer

Regains health upon killing an enemy. You teleport to victim location (If you are ducking).
Blood Bath.
Increases maximum health of the Naix, making all his other skills worthy.
Regenerates a potion of the enemies current HP.
Ultimate: Rage.
Naix goes into a maddened Rage, gaining increased attack speed.

Succubus Hunter

Head Hunter.
Chance to do extra damage proportional to the number of skulls you have. You gain your victim's on kill.
You gain 1-2% HP, 25-50$ or credits and 1-5 XP on spawn for each skull you collected.
Gives you a boost of speed when you jump.
Ultimate: Transformation.
Get less gravity, more speed, and more HP. Costs 1/2/3/4 SKULLs.


Time Leap.
Leap in the direction you are moving (auto on jump).
Chance to regain the damage you took.
Time Lock.
Chance to stun your enemy.
Ultimate: Chronosphere.
Rip space and time to trap enemy. Trapped victims cannot move and can only deal/receive melee damage, Sphere protects Chronos from outside damage.


Frost Nova.
Reduces your enemies movespeed and attack speed. Slows by 5-25% and reduces attack speed by 5-25%. 500 range.

Frost Armor.
Increases your physical and magic armor by 1/2/3/4.
Dark Ritual.
You gain 1/2/3/4 health from the sacrifice of teammates.
Deals 2/4/6/8 magic damage to all enemies on map.

Sacred Warrior

Inner Vitality.
Passively recover 1/2/3/4 HP. When below 40 % you heal twice as fast.
Burning Spear.
Passively lose 5% max HP, but set enemies ablaze. Deals 1/2/3/4 DPS for next 3 seconds. Stack 3 times.
Berserker's Blood.
Gain 1/2/3/4 percent attack speed for each 7 percent of your health missing.
Ultimate: LifeBreak.
Damage yourself (10/15/20/25% of max HP) to deal a great amount of damage (20/30/40/50% of victim's max HP).


Storm Bolt.
Stuns enemies in 150-225 radius for 0.1-0.3 seconds, deals 5-20 damage.

Great Cleave.
Your attacks splash 10-40 percent damage to enemies within 150 units.
Gain 1-4 physical armor, increases your speed by 6-15 percent.
Ultimate: Gods Strength.
Greatly enhance your damage by 20-50 percent for a short amount of time.


Put all those around you in a 400 radius in a fear state for 0,4-1,0 seconds. +ability
1-3 physical armor.
Being Dragonborn gives immunitys to certain magics. 15% chance to immunity to wards/slows/skills/ultimates
Ultimate:Dragons Breath
Applies Jarate effect. 400-700 range.


Turn invisible at the cost of 5% health / sec for 5-8 seconds. Cannot shot for 1 sec out of invis. Leave invis early by using ability again.
True Sight
Enemies cannot be invisible or partialy visible near around you. 400-800 range. Does not affect Spy Cloak.
6/10/13/15% chance to disarm enemy on hit.
Ultimate: Marksman Shot
Standing still for 1 second, Scout is able to deal 1,2-1,6x damage the further the target. 100 units or more deals maximum damage.

To use an ultimate, you have to use the +ultimate command in the console.
You can also bind '+ultimate' to a key using a custom config file.

To use an ability, you have to use the +ability command in the console.
You can also bind '+ability' to a key using a custom config file.


Boots of Speed - 3 Credits. Allows you to move faster.
Claws of Attack - 3 Credits. An additional X hp will be removed from the enemy on every successful attack.
Cloak of Shadows - 2 Credits. Makes you partially invisible.
Mask of Death - 3 Credits. You will receive health on every hit on the enemy.
Necklace of Immunity - 3 Credits. You will be immune to enemy ultimates.
Orb of Frost - 3 Credits. Slows your enemy down when you hit him.
Ring of Regeneration - 3 Credits. Regenerates health slowly.
Tome of Experience - 10 Credits. Automatically gain experience; this item is used on purchase.
Sock of the Feather - 4 Credits. You will be able to jump higher.
Antiwards - 3 Credits. Protects you from wards.
Helm of the Black Legion - 10 Credits. Protects you from headshots.


DoT Build for Scout

I prefer the default scattergun due to its quite high damage values and also due to its ammo capacity. (note; the force-a-nature would also do nicely with this build)
Pretty self-explanatory.
Pretty self-explanatory.

'Blood Hunter'
Bleeding to deal with Snipers at long range with your Pistol, you heal 20% of your victim's max HP after you kill them, people who are below 20% max HP take crits and your ultimate, that ungodly beast, what more could you want?

HP Regen; pretty useful for surviving 1v1 against Pyros or anyone with DoT damage.
More lifesteal!

True DMG Build for Scout

Same as above.
Same as above.
Same as above.

'Night Elf'
True damage, chance to dodge bullets and your ultimate, which 'freezes' players for up to 2 seconds (if I'm not mistaken). PS. They can still shoot you.

More damage combined with the Night Elf class.


SAAAAAANIC Build for Scout

• Baby Face's Blaster
Useless when you spawn but gets better and better when you deal damage to the enemy team.

• Crit-a-Cola
+25% mov. speed and free crits!

• Bat
Nothing special.

'Undead Scourge'
Lifesteal, movement speed and you can go kamikaze on people. Win, win, win.


'mask' or 'claw' or 'ring'
Depends on your playstyle.

• General Tips.
-> Turn 'Auto-Reload' on.
Do it. You have to focus on not missing a single shot and pressing 'R' every couple of seconds won't help you.
Never stop moving.
Basically, never stop moving.
You're an easy target for snipers if you do stop moving.

• 1v1 Tips.
-> Do not double-jump when fighting another Scout.
Focus on hitting him instead of jumping around, missing 75% of your shots.
Strafing from side to side will help you dodge more bullets, either way.


The Tips&Hints section will be updated later or never, whichever fits.
Thanks for reading.

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I'm so happy you posted this, I main scout but I've been lost on the skills.


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Slightly updated, I'm too tired to continue.

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