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May 12, 2019
SourceBans Ban URL: Panda Community SourceBans

Name of your Banned Steam Account: [E҉D҉G҉Y҉]Duckii

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77336881

Date and Time of the Ban: 07-30-16 03:00

Reason about the Ban: Stealing

Admin that Banned you: Madact

Why should you receive a unban for the ban / gag / mute: i was banned for stealing. we were 4 friends in the server all in a discord call. i started to steal cus i thought it was ok sense we all were in a discord call there was no one else there then us. we had a great time laughed alot. Madact (admin) joined and saw me stealing. he also saw me saying * im the master of stealers * as i said as a joke. we were young alright dumb jokes. so he bans me for 2 weeks thinking i was being serious when i said that. i added him and tried to tell him that everyone in there was in a discord call with me but he said a ban is a ban. so he also changed the ban to a perma cause i was harrasing him. i dont really remember what i said specifically but im sorry bout that. i got ADHD and i wasn't on medication back then so i got angry really fast for no reason. and i couldn't really control it as i can today. so im sorry for that madact if ur reading <3 much love. and i would love to just come back to the server and have fun playing


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Gameserver Admin
Nov 8, 2014
I had the files stored on my old computer with it's own folder just for this user. What you did really impacted me enough to gather all the evidence ready for your appeal xD

It was a long time ago, your reasoning I'm rather pleased with. It's just you started to post on my screenshots after I removed you saying all sorts, so then I had to change all my screenshots to private. I believe that was the biggy for this.

So overall, I'll do the unban. Keep in mind this is your second chance, breaking the server rules may result in a permanent ban that is irreversible. This can also come without warning, so make sure you read up on the server rules.


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