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Sep 16, 2018
I've attached a poll with a few suggestion to the rules, poll closes in 30 days. Any feedback or remarks would be highly appreciated and I hope respected from those responding.

First I'd like to address how semi-frequently the whole random trading thing and just thinking about how reporting said individual would work ( only scenario I could see is that you warn/tell them not to random trade with you/others and they can easily just random trade other people but it's through word of mouth so it's not the best reference to tell if someone else stopped or just continued with random trading on the server. The easiest way for an admin to see if they continue is if they came in for a call, warned them and see if they continued to send trade request to said person, but as previously stated they can easily just trade with other people, and not saying that people do but it's a possibility that people fake claim that people random trade. In hindsight I can see how some people random trade ( especially if they're perma-gagged/gagged which some people can argue is a means to evade a comm block, but come on I don't someone would intentionally random trade and be toxic to people on the trade window they're probably trying to actually sell something they can't advertise or in some cases talked to me to try to resolve the issue of making an appeal to be ungagged).

1. Add rule specifying no random trading on the server.

I know it's kind of counterintuitive, but I've been asked a few times about the whole spawn camping scenario and as counting there are multiple ways of exited spawn besides through the main battlements (about 8 ways of exited spawn or going into a teleportation area attached to spawn). Plus for some I find it kind of fun to have that struggle of fighting for certain points and as stated there's multiple exits as already listed on the rules.
• Spawncamping is allowed
There are multiply exits for you to go through when one way is blocked. Use them.

2. Remove spawn camping rule

I've come to read this rule and realize in the past I didn't really punish people for blocking teleportation areas with dispensers/sentries/teleports, but more on the whole idea of body blocking someone so that I someone could not physically get out of a situation (stuck) without killing the said person attempting to block someone ( I've kicked plenty of people in the paste and scarcely remember enforcing actual bans on people for continuing to body block after being kicked/slapped on the server). Worst case I'd go power surge/cloak and dagger spy to see if I could physically get myself separated when going through a teleportation area without doing damage.
No buildings blocking teleportation areas
You must not block teleportation areas(both inbound and outbound) with dispensers/sentries/teleporters in an attempt to trap the enemy team. This applies to all teleportation areas.

3. Add to rule about body blocking teleportation area.

On a sidenote I've come to a few scenario before and some of the current staff and maybe some of the former staff has encountered it, attached is a demo of someone building a teli in a location that most of the time will get someone on their team killed. Is it griefing, I don't know and I won't necessarily link to the report whether it was accepted or declined but in the past I remember in the doomsday parkour of for a short instant enforcing people not to use the rockets before entering the maze to intentionally team kill or building a teleporter in the locations that cause a sticky trapped to be laid out when teleporting ( in most cases to avoid this in the doomsday and in storage). So I was wondering if that was still a common occurrence or enforced in that manner or if that's allowed now.
c) General disruptive behaviour
This includes a number of things, such as: prolonging rounds without due cause; teaming with a player on the opposing team; excessive spawn killing; blocking people’s sight; willingly assisting hackers by healing them or otherwise grievous acts.


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Apr 24, 2019
I feel like Trade should add more rules related to trading instead of Spawncamping. I’ve been on a lot of trade servers with the actual intention of trading (although I haven’t touched the game in about a month) but when compared to any other trade server, I would really just go to any other one except if I have a friend on Panda Trade or something like that.. I’m not saying this to put the server down, but for improvement. Make more rules concerning Trading and advertisement priorities, spam, etc. instead of Spawn camping. It’s a trade server, not an Arena Game on neonhights Minecraft map. Adding a bit more rules to the trading-related aspect of the server can also help the mods keep the server in check and not have more people like xXbigchungisurmom69Xx come in and spam the N word. That’s just my opinion.


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Jun 12, 2018
I've talked with Chae in private about this as I do not see a point to this thread.

1. Random trading is already against the rules and it's clearly stated.
2. The spawn camping rule in our rules is sorta outdated. Plus players can easily leave through the other exits of spawn.
3. Body blocking is already against rules and it's clearly stated.

I see no purpose to this thread as these are already rules in place. Closed.
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