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May 31, 2020
The staff member "jetflyer idiot" actively talking trash towards another player.

Chae Bae

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Sep 16, 2018
For one if anything this is the actions of a former staff member known as “Cyptix”. If you did your research you would’ve known he hasn’t been a staff member for a hot minute. I want to apologize for that type of behavior if that offended you as another former staff. Colored text doesn’t necessarily mean they’re staff that perk also is given to donators. On the other hand if you do find an action of a player general disruptive and/or they are breaking the rules you should report it using this template as an example. I would strongly recommend you to stick to our server and forum, but I can’t control your actions or where you choose to spend your time. Immersing yourself in our community and forums you can find the info on how to report a player/discuss your grievances (shoutbox falls on deaf ears/is met with paragraphs of text).

If you need help creating a report and/or the format I’m gladly here to help you. I strongly recommend you read around forums; primarily the “info”, “rules”, and “report” section.

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