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Apr 4, 2015
So I was recently wanking around on Prophunt suprisingly a lot and I discovered that after Gun Mettle the server got ruined. Mainly because of two things.

One is the fact that the teams don't swap after each round making it so that or you play as a prop or as a seeker and you won't even get a chance to play in the other team.

The other reason is a weapon glitch that occurs after some time. The glitch gives weapons to the props at the start of the next round what gives an opportunity to kill the other team before the round even starts.

I would love to get @Kevin attention on this as the server could use some fixing both because it's unplayable but also because we lost this small part of the community by these problems.


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Dec 21, 2014
If you want to suggest a gmod server, create another thread about it. This one is about fixing prophunt and perhaps update the plugin to it's latest version.

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