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Which of these features should be added to Randomizer?

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Apr 4, 2015
Hello! As some of you may know our server #24 Randomizer is pretty abandoned. I'd like to suggest few things that may make the server more popular. Let's get to it, shall we?
  • Custom weapons - These weapons are so unbalanced it makes it highly unfair to play aginst. A removal is needed.
  • Goomba stomps - It works the same as on FF2/VSH. You just gotta drop on enemy's head to insta kill them.
  • Multiple gamemodes - Basicly adding more official maps like Robot Destruction, King of the Hill, Payload (+race), Control Points, Medieval Mode and so on.
  • Randomized cosmetics - It's basicly recieving random cosmetics with/without effects
  • Advanced randomized weaponry - This mode could use adding skins and unusual weapons just for fun.
  • The resurrection mode - It's an optional mode that can be voted off by players. The rules of this mode work the same as Arena except that you can revive your teammates by capping the point in the middle. It's really fun to play and if the players don't like it, they could just call the vote to get rid of it.
  • Special rounds - These rounds are simple. A player can start a vote once a couple of rounds to ask if other players want a special round. For example: If a player picks "Caber Pyros" and the vote gets through, the next round, every player in game will spawn as a pyro with only a caber. There are multiple rounds like this. Demopans, Neon Heavies, Brawler Scouts, etc.
  • Random name colours - This one is rather simple. Every item a player owns during a round can have all the possible colours avalible in game even if it's impossible to obitain one in normal gameplay.
  • Some weapon nerfs - For example the Cloak and Dagger is pretty much annoying. A spy can hide for the entire round making him pretty useless. If the cloak could not replenish this would make it way easier to play.
  • A buff for a sniper - All the classes have some sort of a buff. Scout can run fast, Soldier and Demo have more health than most of the classes, Pyro is fire resistant, Heavy has lots of health, Medic has a health regen + he's a bit faster than other classes (except scout), Spy can disguise and cloak and Engie can build machines. Sniper doesn't have a single buff. He just has 125 health, regular speed, no health regen, no resistance - he does not have anything. This is the worst class in the entire randomizer. If your team has lots of snipers - you already lost. If this class was somehow buffed, it would be way more balanced.
  • Visible weaponry - It always pissed me off when I was rushing at my enemy and he shoots a rocket at me out of plain nowhere. If we could see their loadouts it would make it a lot easier to play this mode without shitting your pants from being absolutely scared about that one suspicious medic standing around in a T-pose.
And that's about it. I hope you found my ideas interesting. Feel free to post your own opinions on the matter below!
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But randomizer was never meant to be balanced in the first place. I do agree to remove some features such as the goomba stomp and the custom weapons though.
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Viewable weapons would make me play randomizer again, but it's really not that simple to implement. Y'know how the first-person view is messed up for most weapons? Yes, third person is like that but worse. I'd get technical, but am on phone.

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