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Apr 2, 2024
Name of your Banned Steam Account: Currently, "Mpulcisp". Back when I was banned, "Loathe."
Steam ID 32: STEAM_0:0:595573172
Date and Time of the Ban: 2022-09-18 17:41:39
Reason about the Ban: [Little Anti-Cheat 1.7.1] Aimbot Detected
Admin that Banned you: CONSOLE
Why should you receive a unban for the ban / gag / mute / teamban:

The anti-cheat detected the way my crosshair was moving because I was testing a color aimbot. A color aimbot, one of the least effective kinds of aimbots, with a pasted Visual Studio script I didn't even write because I know nothing about code, and it wasn't even effective. I didn't even notice it was a Panda Community server, I just picked a random server. This happened over 1 year ago and I no longer have interest in cheating in TF2 and really miss the ambience of the Panda Community servers, so I would really like to be able to hop back in and will surely not commit any other offense if I get unbanned.
My second account got banned too, from a time I tried to enter a Panda Community, and was hoping it could get unbanned too. My second account's ID 32 is STEAM_0:0:772776156
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Despite being really ineffective and slow, visual aimbots/scripts clearly violate our cheating rule.

a) Use of third-party tools
Using any hacking/third-party tools will result in an irreversible permanent ban.

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