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Jan 6, 2017
As the Title says.

The Summer is just around the corner and i like making some Small Texturepacks mainly for myself.
Now i came to the idea to create some Texturepacks you guys maybe want so i can practice a little.
Also please try to take it serious and dont send unreasonable requests

Requirements so i can make one:
  • Name/Title for Texturepack
  • Game version
    • I wont create Texturepacks for specific snapshots. Only official releases
  • Description (aka what i have to do)
    • Info: Im more confident at making low resolution textures (32x32 at maximum; higher depending on the requests
  • (Optional) Sending me the image you want to have for the Texturepack
  • (Optional) If you dont feel comfortable asking here than you can pm me

The reason im doing that is because im bored and feel like this would be fun to have a couple requests


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Mar 10, 2018
Name: Low Res
Version: 1.15.2

Description: Would be nice to have a texture pack that lowers the resolution and maybe disables some particles since when I'm making hacks and shit to my client I keep making my FPS drop when using ESP or tracer, so maybe you could make a texture pack to lower the resolution a bit, at least on particles lol. Tho don't really think it will help the most but maybe give it a shot ig.

Good luck c:
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