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Apr 3, 2020
Personally i think 45 min is too long i now there is an rtd system but the majoraty of Players don't know about it and i have the feeling that noone actually knows how it works, so my suggestion is to reduce the time to 30 min per map. Perhaps you could test this for maby a weekend and ask the players what they think about it, additionally you could add a Map extension vote it the vote menu for the next map, so if all the Players think the map is great and fund to play you can choose vote for the map to become longer or the 4 new ones .

white tiger

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Nov 30, 2017
IMO 45 minutes is actually the perfect time for a map on VSH, not too long so you get bored but also not too short so it doesn't finish just as everybody is enjoying it. I think adding an "extend map" option will get a little boring quickly as the standard most played maps will always be extended. This all being said, I'd like the RTV* function to work similar to how it does in Jailbreak - having the votes and the map ending at the end of the round - rather than having to get everybody to type rtv again after the vote has happened (it just doesn't make sense). Maybe an official suggestion is in order for this.

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