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scout gaming

Feb 3, 2021
{blue} Pyro Gaming

Steam32 ID
[ STEAM_0:1:447755897 ]

Your age:

Current playtime on relevant server(s)
EU server: 0d 10:41:59h US server: 3d 14:05:07h

Link to your Sourcebans record

(If relevant) Who gave you permission to apply?
Not permission, but Racer911-1 sort of inspired me to apply.

Primary servers + servers you could confidently join in case of a report.
The JB servers.

General online times & time zone\
Time zone: GMT
Weekdays: 3:10 PM GMT to possibly 9:00 PM GMT
Weekends: 8:00 AM GMT to possibly 9:00 PM GMT

Do you have a working microphone?

Previous experience as Admin or Moderator
Unfortunately, no.

What would you say makes you a suitable candidate?
Ive been wanting to be a admin for quite a long time and (to what I believe) being good friends with a admin (Racer911-1) and playing with him on JB has sort of made me (kinda) learn on how a admin reacts. I am determined for alott of things and I would like to make a good impact on this brilliant community that has been created.


Gameserver Admin
Staff member
Gameserver Admin
Jan 6, 2017
So ive been told to deal with this so here we go.

To say quickly your application is INVALID.
While I have given you inspiration I did not give you the permission to apply.
There are no open spots for JB. So far there are 3 other JB applicants waiting for their awnser. And 5 JB admins (excluding me) which means almost 10 admins on one single server.
Second is that you're way too young to apply for admin, even if you've been given permission. And as Jim Bob mentioned you shouldnt even have a steam account. Their Steam subscriber agreement
Last thing is that if you apply in the future, when you've grown enough, It would be a good idea to look at other peoples applications since the application is rather empty
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