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Sep 9, 2018
Hi, i'm new to this community and i've been playing on the 2fort server quite a lot, and i've started to like and enjoying playing in this server with the people i've grown to know and play with in there. But there is a problem tho, there is a cheater that keeps joining the server every single day and aimbotting as a sniper and we can't do anything about it since there are no admins ever online or a votekick/voteban system implemented in the server. This guy right here, all he does is aimbot as a sniper and scream "veri gud yes yes yes" all the time and write some stupid statements in a... let's say fairly poor english. I told him i was going to report him to the forum and he said that he was gonna comeback anyways saying that he's was going to join the server every day just to piss off everyone. Just check the chatlog for more informations.

Little edit: He isn't the only hacker that has been visiting the server and ruining everyone's fun, but he's the main source of the problem.
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