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Aug 26, 2015
@IceSoul welp, im sorry to dissapoint you, but i guess this veteran as u call me has been defeated now by an 8yo kiddo on the mic.
glad ive met you too. is used to be a hell of a good time :3
Cmon you lost as Gently Spy (main hale)


Mar 16, 2015
uhm... i dont mean that but thx for bringing that up aswell fml.. *sob*
i meant smthn else...


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Jul 24, 2018
@EndMyLife : he is the goat we legit laugh about how shit the NY subway system is
@Heather : letting me meme on discord with her
@Chae : epic gal hope she comes on jb more often
@zSeptic : im not going to lie i kinda disliked you but as time went by i grew a liking towards you and i hope you dont do some dumb shit and get yourself muted lol
@Madact : get a better pc you trap :mad:
@ZeroPC : tbh a nice dude and i hope he can understand my memes grrrrr
@Bambi : i love this man fun to hang around with too i remember when we use to get hype on his application
@Trixie /PNN/P N N : a very cool guy and very epic to meme with
@Roar : i dont remember i time when im not having fun with you everytime you got on jb was fun ill hop on vsh more often
@TheWalkingCake : being shit at apex and me having to carry him 24/7 and his favorite gun in the game is the mozambique
@Magglet : even though we rarely talked it was fun talking to you and you having me as your spray
@Addster : being an epic gamer and a true american
@Justin | XplosiveAction: tbh the only person i can meme with and not get yelled at i love his videos and make me laugh even though he doesnt ask me to watch them anymore with him i still do
@Rivers /Chipz/Punchy/whatever else you had as a name :i love this guy honestly a god i love it when he memes and i hope that girl was lying *wink* *wink*
@Semicolon backslash : finish your map so i can do obby :mad:
@"Stone Cold" Salty : Really a chill guy and i hope you tell me when you stream!!!
@Kevin : for making such an amazing community
@A Wild Tryhard :pretty bad an dr tbh
@Geralt kills nekkers : also pretty bad at apex but cake is still better than u uwu
@Klumsy : epic person gave me my medic set much love for you klumsy!
Alright i think thats it for the positive now for the negative

@Mr.Jinx : fuck you you gay piece of shit hope you die of ligma lmao

alright yeah im done good night streaks


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Mar 20, 2018
@BlackY very nice man
@fanthom also very nice man
@Evert very nice belgian man
@Gardevoir very nice pokewoman
@Trixie very nice soldier man, would hire to protect my butt
@Skorpieo stop sending my memes and cursed images
@Roar smoking big weed
@Shade⁷ doesn't use forums, still my best bud
@Heather very nice woman
@Teddi not sure if he's a genius or really dumb, but still very nice

Semicolon backslash

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Nov 22, 2017


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Oct 15, 2017
FF2 regulars years ago who got me started in playing it (and them being the reason i play on here a lot)
Teddi (tedgrid?)
Beamerboy (im not sure about the name but something along the lines of beamer)
The admin team of FF2 several years ago and them also making the game interesting for me.

VSH regulars-veterans. Even tho i ragequit a lot in VSH and FF2 the difference is that its still very fun to play with there being always a new scenario and a new moment to remember.
From times where you kill the hale from something across the entire map to deleting over 9000 of hales HP twice to literally tilting your whole team by simply having a really good strategy against a newcomer hale that you eat 20 minutes of the map-its very fun and i love it. Even if you cant communicate the teamwork really is there in FF2 and VSH making the game really interesting. Playing against literal veterans/gods of FF2 or VSH (aC,skorp,and more) gives an insane challenge to outsmart them (and fail mostly xD) and it really feels great to hard-outplay them when you manage it.

Kevin for even making this community of course
i dont know where i would have wasted countless hours of my life if you wouldnt have made this community

Parnattonis (steam) - while insanely silent we would cooperate so much in telefragging strategies,so much so making the tops of scoreboard which felt insanely nice. The fact that he abandoned VSH/FF2 Panda is very sad for me but people move on of course.

and of course many more people that i cannot think of right now.

And to be honest i cant think of anyone overly negative. Even if you cant stand someone,i always like to think that people change over time (when im not depressed,of coursh.)

in the end i thank everyone who has been here and made it so fun for me here and all the positive people who made my experience here so much more interesting


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Jan 27, 2016
And to be honest i cant think of anyone overly negative. Even if you cant stand someone,i always like to think that people change over time (when im not depressed,of coursh.)
Think again
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Mar 14, 2019
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