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Sep 16, 2018
Hello fellow Pandas, I’ve been recently bored on my off time of work whenever I’m not playing on the servers or playing other games I stream Movies, Shows, Kdramas or do listening parties on other discord servers that aren’t affiliated with Panda Community. So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me if watching some movies to lighten up the Holidays, wouldn’t mind a suggestion if Christmas movies/shows to stream below.

Shameless plug, but if you don’t want to necessarily participate there’s also two giveaways I’m hosting going on at the same time.

The first is a 50 key giveaway, all you have to do if you want to enter is put your steam32ID and trade link ( or add me and I can get it as you’re consention to join).
50 Key Giveaway

The second is a 2 Unusual giveaway, answer the questionnaire and top scores will be gifted an Unusual of their choice from a price range.
2 Unusual Giveaway
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