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Oct 4, 2012
  • added 22 new VSH/FF2 maps and updated 2 existing ones
  • added a plugin on a few servers already which re-names players incase a url has been found in the name which is listed in our blacklist (csgo sites etc.)
  • added back RTD to the dodgeball servers (the new one)
  • updated VSH (applied a few bugfixes here and there)
  • updated RTD on VSH
  • updated a few things on the forums, made persistent tags on apply sections and so on, general a sort of overhaul, aswell added missing archive sections and a few tags here and there
  • major overhaul on deathrun (bugfixes etc.)
  • to improve latency/download time on NYC servers i've moved the FastDL to NYC instead of LA
those are just a few changes which i remind currently, for sure not all but i always dont think its worth i write a changelog only for 1 change but on the other hand how should you guys know that something changed.. i'll think about a solution for this.

upcoming changes:
  • bugfixes/updates for FF2 (suggestion thread > bosses and such)
  • bugfixes/updates for JB (suggestion thread and so on)
  • update of RTD on FF2 (needs abit of fiddling around to prevent the boss to be able to roll)
  • perhaps if i find some time i'll put the new apply/appeal system live, allthought still needs some edits and tweaking so yeah, unsure when i got time for this.
  • fully automated efficient donator system with automated payment verification and perks/prices overhaul, stay tuned for that ;)

yeah i guess thats it for now, may have forgotten a few things but i'm on it plz no h8

Not sure if there are more problems in JB but for some reason ''freeday for others'' doesn't work, it's supposed to give 3 players freeday by choice but for some reason it removes the freeday for two people at the start of the round stating that they attacked a guard. Could we have this fixed asap cause it's like a huge problem

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