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Nov 30, 2017
Name / Nickname:
Most people know me as Roar


Who gave you permission to apply?
I am of age to apply without permission and the server in question is currently
on the available positions thread.

Your Steam32ID:

Your general online timezones:
My timezone is GMT+0 (I'm from the UK), I am generally online around late afternoons
after 3pm when I'm working although I do work late some days. On my days off I find
some time to play earlier and for longer sessions. I often have 100% activity on
GameME and my Sessions are usually over 2 hours each.

Which of our servers do you usually play on and wish to apply for?
I usually play on #05 VSH, which is the vacancy I wish to apply for, however I
used to play Jailbreak a lot on a different server (and have visited Panda's one
a few times). I am experienced with a variety of game modes so I would be happy
to visit other servers if needed to in the future.

Do you have a microphone?
Yes, although it is not a requirement for VSH, I have been told some people enjoy
listening to my voice... c:

Previous experience?
Although I have no actual first-hand admin experience, I believe a lot of people who play
VSH have seen me attempting to enforce rules whilst waiting for the current
admins to come on.

Experience with SourceMod?
Unfortunately also no experience as of yet, I know a few basic commands important
for VSH (listed below in the job explanation) - I am very keen to learn something

Why should we choose you?
After having racked up a play time of over 18 days on Panda's VSH server, it would
seem I have found my way in to the Saxton Hale regulars, I believe I am respected
amongst the community we have and - I hope - people are usually happy to see me
come online! I am a friendly, outgoing and fair person, it is unusual for me to
lose my cool whilst gaming & I do try to calm down any situations that seem to be
getting too out of hand, think of me as a peacekeeper!

I often use the !call command to alert the admins of any rulebreaking, but
I have noticed that the great team we have already have become busy with lots
of IRL stuff so it is the perfect time to recruit somebody fresh and new! I am
Steam friends with two out of the three current admins so understand they
need some extra hands.

Brief explanation of my job:
As Saxton Hale has a couple of server-specific rules I will cover these first:

I intend to counter Hales who camp by using a server announcement such as /csay
to inform the Hale it is against the rules minimum two times, if they persist
I would kick them from the server for wasting time. This includes Bosses/Reds
who are teaming together, not doing damage.

If somebody is AFK on Red team, I will use the slap command to see if they are
just eating at their PC or actually AFK, if they do not move after two or three
slaps I would kick them also.

General rules:

Any players found sharing innapropriate content ex. offensive sprays/names/links
etc. will be warned to not share this via a private message, if they continue to
break this rule they will be kicked from the server, leading to a ban
if they rejoin and have not stopped.

Offensive language is a broad term to cover so I will keep this as short as I can.
Of course racism and other discrimination is forbidden at all costs, leading to
an immediate ban from the server (this does also include making threats, real
life or in-game to other players including staff).If somebody is found to be
flaming, arguing or disrespecting others, they would be warned once, kicked and
then banned if persistent.

Both forms of spamming (mic and chat) will lead to respective mutes or gags if
the culprit does not stop after warned. This also includes not speaking in English
and Ghosting both having similar effects and punishments in my view.

Hacking of any kind will result in an immediate ban from the server and reported

Exploiting maps and attempting to scam other players are both extremely frowned
upon, if I was to find a player breaking either of these rules, I would warn them
just once by messaging them personally in-game, if they do not stop I would ban
them depending on the severity.

Additional information:
Unfortunately I'm not entirely sure how to find my Bans and other discrepancies
but I believe I have not had any over the past 6 weeks. Anybody is free to add
those in a reply for me!

Feel free to ask any questions either about me or my application & I will do my
best to answer for you C:

Finally thank you for considering my application (if it gets that far... :p)


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Feb 23, 2014
Hey there Toast! This got me by surprise, but a good surprise.

I generally like playing with Toast, as he explained himself, he's an outgoing person, often engaging in conversation with the other players, he's a well-spoken person, and he's a good guy.

Your application looks clean, it's neat and in order, very easy to read and your English vocabulary is big. However in the punishment section, I would like to see some punishment time, rather than saying that you would gag/mute them. If you would elaborate further, by saying like "If a player is insulting, I would punish him for X amount of time. And I know that the gag/mute time all depends on how many punishments the player have had previously, but still I would like for you to put your touch on it :).

Your sessions look good, you have a few 1 hour sessions, but damn you also have a lot of 5+ hour sessions, which is great to see! In your chatlog, you enforce rules, and looking back a few pages, there's not an insult/rude word in sight. There's not really much to say other than that, considering your chatlog is entirely clean.

Now as for your previous punishments:
Bans: 1, which was almost exactly a year ago, so it's not something I would hold against you, however it's just something I would like to note.
Gags: 2, which were also almost exactly a year ago, two gags for insulting is something I perhaps would keep in mind, but considering you've probably (and hopefully) changed a lot during that year, it won't happen again. Once again, I wouldn't really use that as an argument against you.

All in all, Toast has great sessions, he's a very likeable player who interacts with other players, he enforces rules, has a clean chatlog, a nice application and his punishments were dealt with a long time ago. With that being said, once I've seen you elaborate a litte further in the punishment section, I am supporting Toast.


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Jan 27, 2016


I am happy to see so many applicants for VSH now, this is good.

Roar is a well known player of the #5 VSH server. I think I see him every day on the server having fun with the others. I have known him for a good while now. He enforces rules a lot and even point out if I «break» the overuse of caps. Just to point out that Roar, I use the caps sometimes to clarify myself as admin to let the players understand im serious if they break the rules and keep arguing about it, and a word with capslock is not overuse anyways.

And now for your application:

If I just throw my eyes at it, it looks good. It seems like you used your time on it, and we appriciate that.

I like that you mention AFK players. I usually slap, kick, kick and then ban. It really depends on the situation. If you get accepted I can explain you this better then.
Imo, the /csay command works really well, some players are too dumb to read chat, but they notice their name when it pops up in the middle of the screen. So good choise there Roar.

I would say Roar is a good fit for the VSH-team. Good luck to you Roar on your application and good luck to the full admins to decide on all those good applications.



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Nov 30, 2017
However in the punishment section, I would like to see some punishment time, rather than saying that you would gag/mute them. If you would elaborate further, by saying like "If a player is insulting, I would punish him for X amount of time. And I know that the gag/mute time all depends on how many punishments the player have had previously, but still I would like for you to put your touch on it :).
Hey before I go into this, thank you both for your kind words about my application, it is much appreciated!

Onto business...

Of course lots of rules have different levels of severity so lengths of the punishments will vary depending on this but here is how I intend to do so:

If I see a recurring pattern in players who go AFK, I believe it is appropriate to ban them for a short time, 1 hour should suffice, I would include in the ban reason that in the future they should join Spectator if they are going to be AFK.

Inappropriate content is a bit of a tricky one, if a player is found to be sharing content against the law, it would lead to a permanent ban from the server without exceptions. This would include racist and highly discriminatory content such as hate speech.
Porn sprays/sharing links to porn would lead to a 2 day ban if they persist after being kicked. I feel that many people are simply okay with a one day ban as for the most part the ban will have lifted by the time they get to play the following day, so 2 days shows them that we take this matter seriously.

Offensive language; seeing as I have already included racism in the section above I will just cover mass flaming, insulting and arguing here. Personally, I believe a player should be banned for between 2 hours and one day for these, depending on the severity. I know from experience that people can get upset or angry quite easily playing games after a stressful day and sometimes people do not mean what they say, this is why the ban would be shorter as it shows the culprit what they are doing is wrong but also gives them time to cool off and (potentially) come back later to redeem themself.

Spamming in chat or mic would result in a 2 hour gag or mute if they continue after being warned. If it is apparent that they are not intending on stopping i.e. playing music or constant screaming I would cut out the warning and punish them immediately. As people cannot "mass" ghost or not speak English, they will always be warned prior to punishment.

Use of third party software to give a player an advantage (hacking) would of course result in an immediate permanent ban from the server, the game must be equally fair for everybody to have a chance!

In terms of players exploiting certain maps, I would ban them for between 2 days and a week also depending on the severity. For example if a player is using an exploit in which the Hale cannot kill him at all it would be a longer ban. This is of course if the player does not stop after being told to.

After re-reading my app I am separating exploiting and scamming. Attempting to scam another player on the server I believe is much more severe. Some people work incredibly hard for their items, whether it be trading constantly or using their hard-earned cash to buy them & people who try to steal from others have no place in the Panda community, which is why I think it is appropriate to permanently ban scammers.

Thank you for pointing out what I missed from my original app, I hope this extra information is useful in making your decision! :sandvich:


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Nov 22, 2015
Im slowy trying to pick tf2 up again.
Im staying Neutral for now.
May 2, 2015
Just letting you know that your app is under review.


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Oct 4, 2012
accepted, welcome im the team.
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