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Oct 8, 2014
Name / Nickname: Glodomorra [ PL]
Age : 20
Steam ID: STEAM_0 : 1: 30137449
Times Online : I'm always available wieczorami.W weekends I play with different czasach.Play three hours .
Do you have an ?: Microphone Yes , although I do not always use it.
Previous experience in Admin / Mod : I played a lot on the server on it like when I play, because I play it often and very well
What Panda Community servers do you usually play on ? : I play an awful lot about fashion hidden
Do you have experience with SourceMod and how it works ? : I know basic commands .
Why should we choose you ? : Pprzydał to the admin on the server and there is plenty of hackers who do not let you play .
What will you do as Admin ? : I'll tell people how to play and I will punish hackers .
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