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  • Hey Kevin I know you’re busy. I donated, whenever possible could you update me to me a donator.
    Hello Kevin,

    Can i Apply for developer?
    Sincerely Skiffa de Butt
    yes ok
    *gives a cookie" Am I developer now?
    Hi Kevin.I donated a Week ago and still dont have my donator rights.I dont wanna sound impatient or rude towards you,but I just wanted to ask when Im gonna get my perks.I just want my unique Name,nothing more.Thanks a lot!
    Hey, Kevin! I've donated 5 euros on the 13th of August.
    Was simply wondering how long does it generally take to get the donator status?
    I really want to show off as I'm in desperate need of attention. (is joke)
    In all seriousness, I just want to change my chat font to pink.
    Thank you!
    So, I had messed up my age when setting up my account and I was wondering if you could fix it from age 22 to 15, then that would be great, thanks!
    It seems like i donked up again, i got muted today during my admin app and that makes my thingy invalid right?
    Guess i'll just try again in a few months
    happy birthday! now here is when I say what you can now do since you're 21!
    Go to nightclubs.
    Buy your own drinks.
    Hit the casinos and gamble.
    Change your driver's license.
    Hit up the wine trails.
    Rent a car (kinda)
    Adopt a child.
    Chill on your parent's health insurance plan.
    Get Married
    Buy weed in Washington and Colorado
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    Spam Goose XIII
    Spam Goose XIII
    Keep alcohol in your dorm room.
    Be happy when you are carded.
    Go to a fancy restaurant and order an expensive cocktail.
    Marvel at the beauty of an ID that doesn't have awkward 16 year old you on it.
    Erase the address on your fake from your mind.
    Drink at school-sponsored events.
    Have a girls night with wine that you bought from a liquor store that always carded you.
    Proudly show off your new ID.
    Have fun.
    Spam Goose XIII
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