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    TF2 Blog Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Yep it's finally fixed (^^ If you're too lazy to check it yourself)
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    Declined Freeday abuse should be a bannable offense

    There technically is one,but it still causes issues time to time From my observation,the feature works when there is only one blu and a red dies,then the text ‘last guard kills all’ shows up and all freedays looses their immunity(Which is why some freedays will immediately lose their freeday at...
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    Accepted Jb ban appeal

    SourceBans Ban URL: Name of your Banned Steam Account: (_工程師實況_) Steam ID 32: STEAM_0:1:545816077 Date and Time of the Ban: 2021-12-15 17:09:14 Reason about the Ban: [SourceSleuth] Duplicate...
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    Happy birthday chermal,here cake 🍰

    Happy birthday chermal,here cake 🍰
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    Happy birthday Racer! Also good luck on your jb admin re-application

    Happy birthday Racer! Also good luck on your jb admin re-application
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    Declined Bad mini game

    I think I prefer 20 reds playing connect 4 at the same time rather than them playing it two by two, which usually leads to a fail round...
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    TF2 Blog Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Forget localization files,nature & wildlife preservation measures is the new way to go
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    Declined make it illegal for reds to armory camp

    Tbf,if a red chooses to camp in the same spot for 5 minutes instead of going out and possibly killing some blus,he’s just making his own gameplay experience extremely boring,so I don’t know why someone would do that (Also I thought all rebellers have to actively rebel at all times?)
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    Declined Allow hitting baiters [Jailbreak]

    Technically you’re right but most of the time the blus are indeed potato brained 8 y.os
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    Declined remove jb_volcano

    Volcano is fine,the main cell arena definitely needs some expansion because the current one is just too small...other than that I think its a pretty neat map Also blu snipers are a pain in the ass for reds to rebel because the entire middle area of the map is just a huge sightline but hey I...
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    Ricky needs to become admin #RickyForAdmin

    ew who wants australium guns when you have a golden pan? oh wait I don't have either of those
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    Panda 2021 Hunger Games (Feet Pics Included)

    Yeah sure why not,just dont stab me in the back like that time when I was healing a 'pyro'
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    Panda 2021 Hunger Games (Feet Pics Included)

    Didn't we do one like a few months ago? Eh whatever I'm in
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    Accepted Player report(JB US)

    Steam name: AstroWorld™ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:566985901 The server: US | Jailbreak Rules broken:Deadtalking+Mic spamming with asmr Evidence: The demo file below (I have a few files with similar names so if I accidentally attached the wrong demo file please let me know!)
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    Declined [JB] Bring back the fire command

    Pros: Reds can have more favourable wardens More skilled blus can become warden,causing less failrounds Reds can fire rule breaking wardens if they managed to force Generally higher quality for every round More enjoyable experience for the majority Cons: Might be abused by trolls Some blus...