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    Accepted Potty mouth

    I am mainly concerned about the usage of slurs, I don't think any context justifies that kind of language
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    Accepted Potty mouth

    Name: SeñorPatron SteamID: STEAM_0:1:52834956 Server: #05 vsh Hlstats: Rules broken: Offensive language Chat log...
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    Happy birthday :)

    Happy birthday :)
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    Declined map for vsh :)

    Maybe post a download link or even just the name of the map at the very least?
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    Completed Suggestion to remove/keep weaponsdepot or weapon storage

    I can't vote to remove both ?
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    Panda 2Fort Tier List

    how is Teddi not S tier, cannot believe this ?
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    open sarcophagus

    open sarcophagus
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    Accepted angry boy

    real mattomies STEAM_0:1:561772969 vsh racism, insulting, caps spam, foreign language chat:
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    Yes hello brick person

    Yes hello brick person
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    Declined Vsh Hale rebalancing

    Regarding amplifiers and heavies: There is a reason why most hitscan weapons in this game mode don't have permanent crits. It's impossible for hale to dodge them and hitting airborne hale is hilariously easy. Amplifier is best abused by heavy because of his powerful hitscan weapon which can...
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    Happy birthday smiley face

    Happy birthday smiley face
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    Completed VSH: remove barn_night_rework ?

    How about an option to remove both?
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    Pending Nerfing Sniper on VSH

    While we are at it, can we finally get rid of razorback? I don't even play spy and I'm sick of seeing it on Hale's back. As for nerfing sniper, I would just heavily reduce his knockback. Honestly, knockback from most hitscan sources could be toned down. It feels really bad to get your momentum...
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    Declined Add airpipe points

    Surely yes