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    Under Review Husky admin app x4

    I know from time to time we don't get along too well but honestly you made a great admin in the past and I haven't seen enough to prove why you wouldn't be able to do it again. +1
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    Declined Au's admin application

    @Gold gets along pretty well with not only the regulars but nearly anyone I've seen him encounter, he's never toxic and he knows can handle situations pretty good (time to time ofc). Good understanding of the rules and rarely breaks them and I'd like to see some more of him. +1
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    Declined Joker steals the show! (Admin App)

    Gonna keep it plain and simple, with your experience, I think you'd get the job done. +1
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    Declined Nova' second app

    Application itself just isn't too pleasing for the eye to look at, what's up with the big gaps inbetween each paragraphs? Does it have anything to do with the illusion of a longer application? Almost as much as negative things, I don't really have anything good to say about you as for now. Your...
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    Accepted Bambi's 2 for 1 Application

    Alright it seems the results are in If anything needs to be added or if anyone has any questions, just pm either me or @Madact ! Setting this to Under Review
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    Infinity and Beyond

    Infinity and Beyond
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    Accepted Bambi's 2 for 1 Application

    Alright so first off Bambi I sadly have to come forward say, I am absolutely disgusted. You lied about your deadlift. Apart from that, taking everything Madact said into consideration I think it'd be fair to simply make an exception here. Not only because Bambi wasn't aware of the guardban but I...
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    dad isn't mad but how you gonna name yourself after a damn gun? and have a man bun?

    dad isn't mad but how you gonna name yourself after a damn gun? and have a man bun?
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    Declined SpicyPeppers Admin Application

    Application is not summarized in any way, it's just generally speaking very short. Also what you said about handling freekillers, I do kind of see where it is coming from but at the same time it looks like you lack a bit of knowledge when it comes to the rules which I'd say leaves a pretty big...
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    Declined Ban Appeal

    @GaboAndes13 you did not unequip it before I banned you, do not lie. Also right now you're currently complaining about the rules and you seem to want a change on it, post that here: As for now, aslong as we have rules, you better...
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    Declined Ban Appeal

    We have a rule against politics or potlitical related stuff. Especially something like that could offend a lot of people. Hence why we don't take the risk of allowing even the small talk (and a bit because people just aren't inerested). I warned you to change it and to stop arguing, others were...
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    Accepted NY Jailbreak Report

    Normally I'd avoid giving out punishments for an accident (varies ofc) but I have played with Jimjo in the past, although I don't know him too well I can easily he does follow our rules and I can't remember a time I've seen him intentionally breaking one. He took his time to comment here about...
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    Declined 3rd time trying to

    Declining this for reasons above