Da Random

We know that ya' fool!

Why are you even looking at this tab? Go away >⁠:⁠(
Sep 10, 1999 (Age: 21)
Sweden, Sverige, Västra Götaland
I already said it, I'm useless D:




I am officially that guy who brags about his huge signature... :kappa:
Is anyone even looking at my signature once in a while?
Do you want to continue?
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inu: I just clicked through your signature for the first time in my life....fuck me. Link
Spades: I'm starting to wonder if people like your posts because of what you write or your signature... Link
Mr.Fluffy: So random...
Mr.Fluffy: Is trade rustling your jimmies?
Mr.Fluffy: Must be hella exhausting, all those calls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Da Random: lel

Madact: I've touched my cocks than you, no worries.
Madact: ...more*
Da Random: xD

Da Random: Shoe Shoe!
Da Random: All aboard the Shoe-Shoe train
Da Random: Top Gear - FEETuring the shoe-car
Da Random: "It shoe-r is a nice day today"
HappyWaffle: So many puns. lol
Da Random: I'm tripping

Da Random: [Likes image] AM I DOING THIS RIGHT?!

Madact: when you get to the snot phase in having a cold does it mean it's ending soon?
Madact: just got like dirty tissues everywhere looks like im just jacking loads off...somehow

Da Random: The holy tribe of Badmins
MercyOnly: Abusive shitposting admins with a superiority complex who smash anyone who does not agree
MercyOnly: wait that was a little bit too close to home let's try again
Da Random: [Cricket sound]
alperrt: I'd describe us as a bunch of cumlicking cucklord faggots
Da Random: LOL

Psst. Hey kid wanna buy some "random"? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
What kind of drug is that?
Drug? I didn't say it was a drug, it's something random that you can't predict..
Really? Seems a bit fishy to me.
Wanna try your luck? You can get everything from fortunes to your darkest nightmare in one chew.
Eh fuck it, YOLO.
Alright, 50 bucks
Dude, this thing is cheap, especially considering the effects of this. I've could've easily sold it for like the earth if I wanted to.
Okay then, I suppose you're right.
*Hands over the cash*
Alright, let's do this. *consumes a pill*
...The rest is silence.
Apparently I've found myself a fetish of locking threads on this forum..
R.I.P. Soundcloud Music. But hey, go to my Spotify profile here
Listen to this, because why not?