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Mar 31, 2023

Name of your Banned Steam Account: YxngAP
Steam ID 32 (How to get your Steam ID 32: Click here): STEAM_0:1:111580297
Date and Time of the Ban:
2024-04-03 08:38:14
Reason about the Ban: it says i have a duplicate account?
Admin that Banned you: Console? im honestly not sure?
Why should you receive a unban for the ban / gag / mute / teamban: honestly not sure why im not able to connect to this server i mean i used to play this server in the past with no issue i mean im a pretty layed back kinda guy so not sure what i may have done? but for whatever i did i am truly sorry? it may have been me when i was intoxicated one night saying some not very nice things or even someone else on my wifi doing some stupid stuff because it does say duplicate account and i know there is 1-2 other ppl on my wifi that play tf2 so not sure if they may have done something and received an ip ban honestly not sure maybe theres some sort of explanation i can get for the ban or even just have it removed willing to vc on discord again sorry for what happened a unban would just be dope ty <3 ( i think i even had vip on the server at one point so not sure why i would have done something stupid if i did)
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I'll need you to list the other steam profiles on your wifi and their relation to you.
I'll need you to list the other steam profiles on your wifi and their relation to you.

my foster brother ^^^^ but he's currently grounded so hasn't been on the pc in like 2-3 months so not sure if that would be even relevant

and then my cousin but my cousin plays on my account so maybe he was on the server on my account? he may have just went through my favorited list and joined yall off there not to sure, btw thank you for your time it means a lot i am so sorry for the inconvenience i more than anything wanna just figure out what happened i will take full responsibility and work through any punishment but i just didn't see a time or anything so that's what had me concerned on what happened, i know rules are rules and if either one of them broke them it makes sense to have the punishment assigned just sucks that it is enforced to myself ya know!
I reached out to wonderland staff about this as we had a demo of that account cheating and using voice chat and it was confirmed that it was you. Wanted to note you said some really racist stuff there.
Also to point out, you had a similar situation to poutine who you play with regularly on wonderland:

We do not want to see any of you back on panda community.
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