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Declined Wow. Just wow.

Discussion in 'Archive' started by DuffT_ZimZim, Dec 6, 2018.

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  1. DuffT_ZimZim

    DuffT_ZimZim New Member

    Oct 15, 2017
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    Im not even surprised. Count this as an Admin Report too,please.

    Sourceban Url: https://bans.panda-community.com/index.php?p=commslist&searchText=dufft&Submit=Search
    Player DuffT_ChipHit
    Steamid STEAM_0:0:93599991
    Date and Time; 17:11,6th.Dec
    Reason: "ShoutingThroughTheMic"
    Demo will be put on aswell once i figure out how
    Reason for an unmute:

    First;Shouting does not equal screaming and is not forbidden. First things first.
    Second: In the demo you clearly state through the chat "Ive given him so many warnings. Past and present"
    Full lie;You only warned me one time and that was ages ago. (and i mean ages.)
    Third; Even Chaz goes on with "Nah magglet thats full unfair."

    The demo was an attempt at recording some footage from VSH. Had no name ideas so i just named it "possiblebanyay". Turns out the name is just perfect.
    htt,ps://u,fil,e.io/p3,lyc , The demo. Remove the , for the link. Open for 30 days.

    Demo description if you dont have much time.
    Magglet as last,flying around,never market gardening.
    Dies from an arrow by CBH
    Chaz complains about him not even trying to MG,me adding to it by saying "Yeah,you can market garden too,not just fly around and fire rockets! Thats why you have it in your loadout!"
    Proceed to fight against hale,see hes afk. Rancho Relaxo.
    End of round - DuffT_ChipHit has been permamuted for "shoutingthroughthemic"
    Chaz:"Nah magglet thats just unfair"
    Proceed to get really angry
    Meleeing hale out of rage and dying
    Shouting in rage (for some reason through the mic):"You will see me on the forums!YOU WILL!!!!"
    Proceed to go to Menu
    Try and look at chat logs
    See "Ive warned him so many times"
    Completely giving up at logic and exiting VSH and TF2

    Not to go on about completely random things,but: Ive heard from others that you were to pretty much act instantly against something minor,including proof. In short; You are too sensible.
    (which sadly is/are also about two weeks - a month ago,so i dont have them.)

    Another thing is that we both dont like each other because of a fight that we had before he was admin. But use that as "I warned him alot,past and present",INCLUDING the fact that the sentence is a lie;since weve only seen each other about 5 times in the VSH server post-admin magglet with you only having warned me ONCE. When he tried to report me,he STALKED my chatlogs that I only know about thanks to an anonymous source.

    Yes,i may have a aeoighwagload of gags,but dont use it as a counter too.
    Chat and Voice are two different things.

    Yes,I admit that I also did dumb stuff on the mic but Matth knows much about that,and i dont really do that anymore. Im calmy who tries to coordinate as much as possible with other players through the mic and the ingame voice commands.
    Yes,I have so many gags that I couldve been muted randomly too because I "passed the limit". But no one cared about that.
    Yes,I most likely AM hated by a good portion of the community that doesnt want me here!
    Of course i could just keep my mouth shut,but this time,i will NOT.
    I want to (hopefully) get unmuted from an admin that atleast has still SOME respect for me left. Heck,if no one wants to unmute me completely,just mute me for a time that is not permanent! One month,Two months,heck,FIVE months,You decide!
    I want everyone to know what youve done.
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  2. Husky

    Husky Well-Known Member

    Jun 1, 2015
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    But it simply is forbidden? Shouting down the mic, or whatever you done I haven't watched the demo yet is not allowed as it falls under MicSpamming
    It's your word vs an admins word, and the admins word is the one that we trust. He also doesn't need to give you warnings, 10 comm blocks should more than be enough warnings, and micspamming is just a general rule.
    @chaz@chaz want to give your side of the story? If you have a demo that would be great, because we are not able to hear Duff talking.

    So? Since when is MGing mandatory as soldier?- even if he has it equipped.
    Saying "U need to grow some balls and go for mg" and "So boring" - After Magglet says "pfft no way" - is not complaining. People have different playstyles, some like to MG, some do it occasionally, and you can't force someone to do it. Also we cannot hear you say anything, so I cannot comment on that.

    Useless information, not at all needed. Especially this "Shouting in rage (for some reason through the mic):"You will see me on the forums!YOU WILL!!!!"" which we legit cannot hear and is not at all needed in this appeal.

    This is a random thing, completely irrelevant to a ban appeal, if you want to complain, go to Kevin.

    Still no place in a ban appeal, if you want to bring it up, bring it up to Magglet himself or report it to Kevin.

    They're simply not, both are forms of communication in-game and you should not have more chances because they are "different"

    Then don't break rules and you will be able to communicate. Simple as. If you've "changed" you wouldn't be muted
    Doesn't seem like that, they all have legitimate reasons and none of them have been unbanned except Cryptic's gag.
    Magglet decided on a perm which is more than suitable for 10 comm blocks
    I don't actually know what happened, whether you shouted or not, but those are really just my thoughts.

    Btw, here is a direct download to the demo

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  3. DuffT_ZimZim

    DuffT_ZimZim New Member

    Oct 15, 2017
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    thanks,i have been trying to make a direct download but kept on failing to do so
  4. Magglet

    Magglet Trial Gameserver Admin
    Trial Gameserver Admin Donator

    Dec 10, 2016
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    I watched the demo, and it doesn't actually show anything.

    Honestly Dufft, I am sick of you. I have given you countless warnings alongside other admins.
    Regardless of that demo, it shows nothing of the actual incident. I gave you multiple direct warnings on the map before as well as during military. I heard you call me a "Pussy Manntreads user" alongside something to do with delaying, however, I could hardly hear it over your microphone hardly handling how loud you feel the need to raise your voice over the mic.

    You have made countless mistakes and insults directed towards me in your time here.

    You were warned multiple times whilst I was online including on badlands and military, u continued exactly doing what I told you not to. Matth would be happy to confirm. It isn't my responsibility to decide when permanent bans are implented.

    Learn from your mistakes.

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