What time do people play dodgeball? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 3, 2020
Whenever I go on dodgeball it is an empty server. Does anyone play it anymore? If do when. Thanks.
Really depends, if you go to stats then click on a server you can find this graph

But in db is random sometimes, about 15:00 sometimes. Check on #04 more players there more often then 19 and 29.
Also at late nights a lot of pro players play too so more you know :3
I find ppl more active on #19 lately tbh, it's true #4 was "the" dodgeball server for a time, but since few month I find his "blank time" each day longer and longer ^^

But yeah, dodgeball is fun, just try it when you find a serv with 6 or 8 person, this is the most interesting to play with in my opinion :)

#29 might be hard for a start, and because it's an advanced server, less ppl are joining it ^^

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