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Feb 16, 2023
Heavy over the past 3 days have made suggestions for Freak Fortress 2 on the topic of Pistols.
Heavy would like to know what warrants as Spam as Heavy would like to post a 3rd suggestion on the topic of general pistol balance to compliment the 2nd suggestion to ensure the pistols are balance and each have a unique purpose from Stock.
But, Heavy cannot post 2nd poll in the 2nd suggestion so Heavy must make 3rd suggestion.
So Heavy's question is what is considered spam for suggestions as the rules on the Forum elaborates on what spam is in general which it states,

"Refrain from spamming
This includes shoutbox , threads , profile posts and reactions."

However would Heavy submitting a 3 suggestion within 3 days constitute as Spam in terms of suggestions?
I can edit your suggestion threads to add new options to polls. It's understandable considering suggestions involve discussions which can change the course of a suggestion so just make sure to @ at me to make the changes.

I see the pistol suggestion you have asked for a new poll option. I've placed this within the poll now if that was the concern. Was there any other buff options you wanted to add?
These were the suggestions Heavy was going to propose in new suggestion
That's a lot of new poll vote options but I've added them.

Has heavy made sure that these options are possible to edit via contacting UberMedic?
Also there will have to be a certain threshold to meet for these options as there is no option to 'Keep it as it is / not this buff'

In fact there's so many changes / options that is it best to start off with just one set of buffs to then move onto the next? Or spliting the suggestion into one for the winger one for the pbpp?
Heavy agrees with idea of splitting suggestions into suggestions for Winger and PBPP, Is Good Idea!
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I grant heavy permission to spilt them both! Don't worry about spamming you have Madact seal of approval.

But I would first confirm with UberMedic that all the options listed are possible, particularly the goomba ones.

Once you've had a word with ubermedic that the options are good to go post the two suggestions , make sure you give options that are against the buffs you've proposed so we know which ones are wanted and which ones are not. Once they're up and everything looks good I'll list the current one as a duplicate linking the two new suggestions. If any mistake is made let me know I'll fix it up. In fact might be best to add me privately to steam discord or forum PM
Heavy has found that the suggestions are possible, But is it possible for Heavy to delay suggestion for week?
Heavy has found that the suggestions are possible, But is it possible for Heavy to delay suggestion for week?

Of course. Heavy can take his time.

As for a more of an answer to the original post. There is no official limit but it's best to make suggestions within reason. Such as if suggestions relate to one another, it is better to have it all in one thread. But if a community member decides to place all these changes and suggestions at once it doesn't bode well with the community. It is advised to spread them out, particularly per week.
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