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Feb 4, 2015
Hi guys,

well im annoying you again with a new try to edit War3Source. I'm playing there since years now and it's kinda boring without players anymore. Here are some reasons, why we should edit it or we can close this empty server anyways:

- Adding one new map or add severals. Bumping my threads, doesnt help if someone is closing them. Playing two years on the same map is sometimes boring. I had 23 yes votes to edit it. What happened with the To-Do-List? Still on it? There cant be more important stuff since last year^^.


- Removing one more item. (Orb of Slow/Frost). It slows the enemy very hardly, and your movement speed is gone. We removed helm and we had a great Feedback. (blocked all kind of headshots). You cant play anymore for a few seconds to have fair chances against your enemies.


- Maybe add some ammo/health packs. I changed my opinion and thought about free-to-plays or new players to his mod. Running back to spawn everytime you're burning and can't afford sock (to jump higher) to refill your health is useless time.


We still discussed for ages ago for these 3 polls. Nothing happened. Noone want to play there anymore. I want to have an old War3 Server with full amount of players there back. Now we have an average from 5 the whole day i guess.

Maybe you @alperrt have something to add later.

Thanks for reading this.

- Fiescha

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