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Dec 29, 2015
Hai there!

This will be more than 3 rows of me babbling so....
TL;DR New players needing some boost to get started and more clear info about the mod.

So there we were, I and few of the regulars, chilling in the server waiting for players to join so a real game could start. We ended up having this conversation about the War3 mod being sorta hard for new players to pick up and thus not staying for more than average of 10 minutes :/

Yeah the map cp_orange attracts new and maybe not that good of players, it's just how it is. Usually the new players don't even realize that the server is running the mod, and you get to hear the usual "lol hack server noobs". (this will be brought up further down in my other point)

But when a player actually joins the server for the mod itself, he finds him/herself getting pounded by the regulars rocking those full leveled races. :)D) And too many people find themselves ragequitting after getting frustrated in getting 1 race to a playable level so they have at least somewhat equal chances to do stuff around the map.

Which brings up my main point.
Should there be a possibilty for a new player to get free skillpoints (like 6-10 to unlock the ultimate of 1 race) or maybe like a fully credited shopmenu to get started a bit.
Or any other equivalent idea if anyone comes up with one.

Also the other point about new players not realizing it's a mod rather than everyone hacking.
Would it be possible to add some sort of a banner to the !motd when player joins the game? Like one clearly saying what mod the server is running and a short explanation of what you will see on the server. Maybe even the console commands to bind ability and ultimate (those people will find out just by asking too tho)

I'd love some more active players on the server, it's rare to see even a 6v6 happen nowadays :/

Also considering the crazy utility most of the races bring to the game, the current map tends to feel pretty small from time to time. Some rotation and maybe more obstacled versions of cp_orange or straight up bigger maps would bring some variety to the gameplay.

O well this ended up being quite the rant, hope this still brought up some thoughts and ideas, remember to share them too!

Didn't bother doublechecking my typing so please don't feel offended by an occasional poor choice of words or some typos :3


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Aug 23, 2015
Yes, I've spoken to people about how I feel war3 is as close to an 'elitist' gamemode as we can get. In addition, it's a rather old mod and is no longer being worked on, so information about it can be difficult to find online.

There is a help command ingame, but even that is difficult to navigate (the command itself is something unintuitive like !war3help).

If we had an easily accessible self-written tutorial by someone on the community, I believe it could encourage new players to stick around, as well as perhaps giving them a large xp boost to start off with as mentioned in the OP. New maps are cool too, I suppose.
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Feb 4, 2015
I like your idea. BUT:

You´re lv6 (Begin from the ultimate) in 10 min ^^. You don´t need much experience. Maybe we should show them the items(imo more important). We don´t need a !motd, if they´re connecting they can see it´s a War3craft/source Mod. Like viking said they can look with warhelp.

New maps = new players i guess. So many players are annoyed from the same map the whole time.

I suggested it for years:


@Kevin maybe you want do it naow? Rotation would be awesome.
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