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Dec 29, 2015
So yeah the chronos bug (the bug renders a player only being able to deal or receive melee damage) has been around for ages, but recently whenever I join War3, the whole server suffers from the bug, and the only known (for me at least) cure for it is to reconnect to the server, aka /kick @all. And most people don't read the chat when asked to reconnect to fix the bug, nor do they read the kick reason window and do not return because they think they were kicked for "no reason". And we all know what that does to the playerbase of a server.

In the 2 demos I've posted along with this thread, you can see how the bug affects players. And no, you cannot rocket/sticky jump either.

This bug also causes the players that don't realize it's a bug to start accusing everyone of hacking, because they desperately try to shoot the meleeing demoknights and spies running at them, with no effect what so ever.

Would updating the mod to latest version help with the bugs?

*Edit: While typing this, a player tried to reconnect 3 times with no success of removing the bug off of him. asdfghjgdsfghj

**Edit: We found out that by changing your loadout you can shake the bug off, gr8 success


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Isn't this a bug related to the plugin dev?

Check alliedmods in that case.
I don't mean to be pessimistic, but...

it's going to stay like this for the forseeable future...

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