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Oct 15, 2017
so the 2nd one was more researched,this will be more convincing - while maybe clear to 100000000000000000 people already,i dont care.

Weapon used: Scottish Resistance as demoman

related .dem: demomanmanmanpan

so before we start,some math needs to be done.

according to the game,when an enemy stands right over a crit sticky,355 damage can be dealt. and if 3ft away (think of maybe one sentry as distance? im not sure i dont use ft,but still) one critical sticky deals 261 damage. if we want to get the amount of damage x stickies can deal for the following plan,we make a small equation: x times 261 or 355 = damage
so 14 crit stickies right near the hale (or under the hale) and a full damage rampup times 355 = 4970 possible damage

we place 14 crit stickies right under a building from your pal engineer or even right next to an exit of a corridor or anywhere where hale cant see them(as seen in the .demo file) to make it happen and try to hide as well as possible yet still see hale so we arent dead (Depends on the map,sometimes youre just in an completely open area so good luck there)
and we get insane damage
place them in corridors,corridors corners,engineers buildings,heck,place them anywhere where hale cant see them until he is next to them and gets damaged
see demo for walkthrough (there has been constant change of planning in it because of constant situation change but it should still be evident enough)
and see demo playstyleno2 aswell if you need a bit of clarification - if you have questions ask them here (Go to tick 6000)
hope it worked at least once for you guys


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Je Hooft

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Jan 13, 2016
I also have a cool playstyle, it's called the "Fart Pyro". Basically what you do is you get any flamethrower that isn't backburner or phlog and you press right click when the hale comes near you. Ok but now the think part. Your secondary should be the flare gun cause then you can jump away when Hale's rage is full and do up to 90 damage from far away. This is a lot trust me. But also you stay alive which means you can press right click more to keep Hale at bay. The best thing about this strategy is that it doesn't matter where you are or where your teammates are, just press right click as soon as he is within your range even if it means you'll push Hale into your teammates. Fuck your teammates. It's not like they will help you deal more damage anyway. Also don't ever think about dealing damage with your primary, it takes ammo which means you can right click less.

There is also a variation to this playstyle called "Explosive Fart Pyro fuckin stop airblasting constantly and actually fight you're lengthening Vagineer's uber". So basically im monky but also you can actually explode your flares and this deals like 40 damage so that is really cool. That is why i put explosive in the strat name. Please like and comment
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Nov 30, 2017
i shoot floor and idiot boss walks over the very obvious trap, new strategy guys!

Honestly you're a bit late with these "playstyle" threads. Maybe using newer weapons or ones which aren't used as much in vsh might be a better idea, the Scottish Resistance has been around since 2009 people already know how to unlock it's full potential in vsh. I'd like to see a playstyle using stock or quickiebomb that can be just as effective, if it exists.


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May 27, 2016
hehehe dats called the drunken demo strat and its over 3 years old

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