[VSH and FF2] Random Fact about the Ampli that some might not know (1 Viewer)

Oct 15, 2017
Weve all been there.
Dispenserus has been placed,and now everyone is screaming wE nEdd aN aMPlIfoIeR111!^!
So you place the amplifier. But after a while,it does not seem to be giving out crits. How does this major feat of Conagher Engineering not work? (((((

Heres the thing: The Amplifier regenerates the ability to give crits to a person.In the "dispenser" metal bar it should be filled,but if its placed in a popular spot with over 5 people,the amplifier will struggle to support the team with crits,usually killing its purpose in the meantime. So to give it the ability to let it dispense crits, you need to fill it up with metal by hitting it with any wrench (gunslinger). This allows the metal to store itself up in the "metal bar" and be used to give out crits.

I wanted to just put this up because ive been telling this to some people and they didnt even seem to know thats how it worked. Now you all know ))))))))

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