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Feb 20, 2021
Here is my Admin application :). I guess it doesn't accept .docx files... Here's the plain text version.

Steam32 ID: STEAM_0:1:67932724

Age: 21

Current Playtime: 2d 00:19:56h

Sourcebans Record:

Primary Servers:
*2fort US
*2fort #16

General Schedule:
Free Weekdays and Weekends from ~0500-1900
*Schedule varies

Working Microphone: Yes

Previous Experience as Admin or Moderator:
No previous Admin experience. Worked as a simulator technician and leadership role towards co-workers.

What Makes Me a Suitable Candidate:
I believe that I would make a fantastic candidate as I have the ability to judge a situation to the best of my abilities in a fair and non-biased way. As well as being able to uphold and enforce the laws, regulations and guidlines set forth by the Panda Community. I am frequently on the Panda 2fort US server as I like to talk with the members and practice my aim, sometimes when this server is full, I switch to the Panda 2fort #16 server. In the many times that I have been on either server, I have experienced a few hackers. Usually it is easy to determine whether or not they are hacking, as some may be more blatant than others. If I am accepted as Admin I believe that I will be able to bring justice to these servers and ensure the tranquility of our fellow Panda community.


Gameserver Admin
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Gameserver Admin
Nov 8, 2014

You need 3 days playtime on the server in order to be valid. Please do not start farming session time to meet this requirement.
You can re-apply once you meet this requirement.

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