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Apr 7, 2021

My name is Sean and my steam name is uno.

Steam32 ID


Your age

I am 16 years old.

Current playtime on relevant server(s)

I have 8d 08:42:24h on #05 VSH

Link to your Sourcebans record

Bans - I have zero bans.
Communication Blocks - I have a communication block from 2018 for spam when I was under the name rocketman ;)))

Who gave you permission to apply?

No one explicitly gave me permission, but I asked two admins and checked the forum post and it said #05 VSH was open for admin applications.

Primary servers + servers you could confidently join in case of a report.

I'm looking to apply for #05 VSH as that is my main server I play on. I do have quite a lot of experience playing jailbreak, but not on Panda servers, however, I would be happy to help out on the Jailbreak server.

General online times & time zone

My time zone is GMT and I can be on my pc/VSH all day or just in the evenings depending on work/school but I am available and happy to join the server most of the time on any given day.

Do you have a working microphone?
(This is required for Jailbreak admins)

Yes I have a microphone. I usually talk on discord but will happily use the in-game voice chat to issue warnings or talk to players.

Previous experience as Admin or Moderator
(Mostly in games, other experience is valid if sufficiently relevant)

I do not have much experience online with administrating anything other than small discord servers so I am very keen to learn.

What would you say makes you a suitable candidate?
(Finally, please briefly explain how you would do your job, e.g. a general overview of your policies and punishments.)

I would like to administrate #05 VSH as the admins aren't on as regularly as they used to be and I have still been quite active on the server recently. I find it frustrating, especially when playing late in the evening/night with my friends, and there is a small issue like mic-spamming, which I wish I could deal with, but don't want to disturb an admin over. In a situation like that I would shine as an admin by giving out warnings and punishments accordingly when other admins can't. I believe I am a suitable candidate as I have sunk quite a few hours into this server and understand the game mode quite well. I also know quite a few of the regulars slightly through voice chatting and playing together in the past. I have had no major slip-ups on the server, apart from one communication block years ago which I truly think I have grown from and learned to be more respectful since then. My methods of punishments would be as follows:

Voice/text misuse (spam, slurs etc.)
I would start with 1/2 warnings and then move onto gags or mutes in this order:
- 120 minutes
- 480 minutes
- 4320 minutes
- 43200 minutes
- And finally a permaban if they continue to misuse voice or text chat

-1st time, a slay
-2nd time, a kick
-3rd time and onwards, a ban lasting longer/scaling depending on number of offences

Inappropriate spray
-1st time, removal of spray with a warning
-2nd time, a kick
-3rd time and onwards, a ban lasting longer/scaling depending of number of offences

An instant ban with a demo to use as proof to show to another admin who can review the footage and punish accordingly.

In conclusion I think I would be a suitable admin for the server and look forward to hear what you have to say. Thank you for reading my application and I'm happy to answer any questions you have for me on discord, steam or here.


Trial Gameserver Admin
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Trial Gameserver Admin
Mar 5, 2020
Thank you for applying uno. You're app is pretty well written, also the formatting is decent i like it. You have a clean SourceBan/Comm history only 1 gag for spamming 3 years ago that totally doesn't matter for this app now. Our punishment system here in panda works a bit different from what you gave as an example how you would do it but i appreciate that you had a own idea about the whole system. Usually a person has 5 chances after the punishment to do better, before the 6th one is permanent. It's all very situational and besides the system of 6th punishment = permanent (in most cases) every admin has an own idea behind their length and stacking. We didn't chat to much in the past but i think you're a funny and nice guy overall. There is a few things that need to change before i can give you a positive vote on your app tho.

First of all you told me you played so much in the last months that you needed a small break which is absolutly fine, but please pick up activity now again.
You're chatlogs aren't to clean, things like this are a no-go as applicant and especially if you would become admin.

For me you're chances aren't totally ruined by this 1 insult at all but of course it is unacceptable and you can't do that a single time as admin.
Gaming, Tf2, Vsh is of course there for fun i don't wanna rob anyone that but if you find something funny there is no need to cap spam haha 4 times in a row. I think you can type that out differently, because capsspam/spam is against the rules. Also please from now on if you want to have a chance of becoming an admin, warn rulebreakers. Warn them 1/2 times and if they don't listen use /call or report them on the forums.
and there is a small issue like mic-spamming, which I wish I could deal with, but don't want to disturb an admin over
There is no disturbing an admin, we applied to handle calls and join if someone is breaking rules. We are only 2 assigned admins for vsh right now so of course we could be both offline or not available but u can always /call or type to us.

I am gonna vote after you pick up some activity again and may or may not apply my suggestions.
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Apr 7, 2021
Thanks a lot for the feedback, Syntex.

First of all, about the "retard", I honestly had no clue I had even said that. Clearly I was either angry at the time, or it was as a joke, but I don't know for certain so I have no excuses for it, it is definitely something I need to work on to make sure I don't say something like that again, even if it was a joke as I understand it is quite offensive to some people.

In regards to the caps spam, it was late at night, with only a few people that I know playing, so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal to type like that. However, now I am in a position of being a potential admin I can see how that can be problematic, even in that situation, as it could lead to bad habits and potentially influence other players to act in that manor. So again, it is something I will keep in mind and work on moving forward.

On a slightly less negative note, I'm thankful for you explaining the punishment system to me in more detail. What I wrote in my application was me trying my hardest to think of a system that I thought made sense, based on looking at previous applications and from experience of seeing other admins in games. However, I'm sure if I got trial admin I would be informed by a mentor on how the system works in more detail and I would stick by that.

Once again, thank you for your reply it has been really useful to hear an admins feedback. I definitely have a stronger understanding of how I should conduct myself now you have pointed out my flaws and I am trying to get admin. I am definitely going to apply your feedback going forward.
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