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Sep 14, 2021
ign: Luke

Hello, I’ve been perma muted on all servers of the Panda Community, I don’t actually remember in what situation it was but I got muted for Caps and Spamming if I remember correctly.
The reason i’d like to be unmuted is that, im really sorry for the situation that happened even if I dont remember what actually happened. I’d like to communicate with other players and it starts being really frustrating knowing i cannot even say hi. I believe I’ve been muted for over a year and I did realize my mistakes. It won’t happen again.

Thanks, and apologies.
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Gameserver Admin
Sep 16, 2018
Hello @lukennzii , I assume this is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:149146330. Now before you make an appeal make sure you read the appeal template located here, you were also perma-gagged for cap spam since it was your 6th offense which you can find your mutes/gags located here.Try to fill out the template to the best of your ability and wait patiently for a full to handle your appeal. Should you need further assistance I’m more than glad to help you after I finish during my working hours.
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