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Mar 12, 2017
SourceBans Ban URL: Ban List | Panda Community SourceBans (
Name of your Banned Steam Account: pretty
Steam ID 32 (How to get your Steam ID 32: Click here):
Date and Time of the Ban:

2018-11-03 13:25:38
Reason about the Ban: 5th ban for stickytraping on the duel server
Admin that Banned you: Blacky/Fanthom
Why should you receive a unban for the ban / gag / mute / teamban: I had this ban for over two years. I was an active community member, but didn't paid attention to rules, and it happened, several times. I would love to come back to team fortress 2 and have the same fun I had years ago. I will read the rules twice. I need that nostalgia back.

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