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Nov 8, 2014
Been a long time since I've done one of these but some congratulations are in order!

The following trial admins have been promoted to full gameserver admin:

Thank you for your contribution to panda community (especially US jailbreak!) and your hard work has paid off that you are now a fully trusted panda community staff member. Congratulations !!! :azbaby:
Please make sure new gameserver staff members to sign up for mentorship if you wish to.
Congratulations to my fellow trials that made the cut and a heartfelt goodbye to those moving on.

I wanna take some time to shoutout somebody in particular. @Bananawastaken

Banana has shown immense amounts of change and maturity throughout his tenure at panda. He completely reversed his previously awful reputation to now being a fully trusted admin and well liked within the community. I think he's a great example of the fact that anybody can change and grow.

Thank you for the opportunity and I'll see you guys on the server. ;)
wait this means cowboy has big mod roles :scared:

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