Tier list of jailbreak maps - May 2024 Edition (1 Viewer)


Jun 8, 2020

Link to make your own: https://tiermaker.com/create/tf2-panda-community-jailbreak-maps---2024-edition-15195814

Made because @PistolPoppinSince02 keeps saying xmf is straight up the worst map when it's not even the worst offender. Also I did this ages ago which can be found here: https://www.panda-community.com/thr...se-i-was-bored-reply-for-map-reasoning.28356/ (btw 9crush is a good minigame)

Carnival should probably be in "please nominate it" now that I am typing this lol.
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Hopjb disrespected :/
I went from liking hopjb a lot to being eh about it. I think I like the old (v8 before battle boats) one better. New one has new minigames barely anyone plays sometimes(besides disco) and the map is held back by some of the games just being broken (i.e. sumo being broken which wont be fixed anytime soon because map maker probably retired at this point or sweeper just being a go fast). Opinion could change again though but I didnt feel it this time
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I once closed a door on my finger and that was less painful than playing spy vs spy
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Left out opst and crossroads because i've never played it, this is from a rebelling spys view of things on the maps


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If you have a tierlist and don't have district remake near the top I'm just gonna stop reading sorry.
If you have a tierlist and don't have district remake near the top I'm just gonna stop reading sorry.
what about it? escaping as spy isn't easy i only put it where it is because it has its moments!
Personal takes, I'm not up for anything unless my experience on these maps change


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Skill issue, its easy.
Spy is a Light Class he Thrives on Stealth there is a mix of Blus on different Time periods who come and go some pay attention others don't, Even if you escape the BLU escort/Group You still have to worry about making a move Which could take some time If you take too L o n g some Reds could start saying "erm could you actively rebell" If the reds don't ghost you the inevitable hunt will! What i mean by inevitable hunt is somewhere in the match the blus will do a count and realize their missing a Red and begin the H u n t ! so no it's not easy also aren't you mainly on like medic and sniper?
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