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Sep 15, 2014
Introducing the Panda 2fort trilogy based on Rice, a person with an astonishing K/D Ratio.

In this 2fort Epic we see the horrifying events of El Bastardo, Fascinosa and GoldenGibus' journey to steal the intelligence lost in the depths of the BLU 2fort base. Within, they find the supernatural being of Rice.
What starts off as a simple quest continues into a story of survival and despair, camaraderie and betrayal, of a group of friends facing off against the fantastical. Will the heroes prevail? Will they survive the Curse of Rice and the horrors of the BLU base with their lives still intact?

Starring: Fascinosa, El Bastardo, GoldenGibus, Rice, Dispenser, Hayley, @Snovarcho, @Pip (as Blackjack), @Nyx (as Jack), @Mister Jotaro (as Mister Jo.), @Pagno (as ]Hell[ Pagno), Hassels & T.A.H

Made by Hassels (, featuring some of the most active 2fort players in the past year, with their personalities and playstyles shining through!

Another reason 2fort is the best server ok thanks

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