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Otis The Guy

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Dec 17, 2022

Steam32 ID

Your age

Current playtime on relevant server(s)
40d 07:27:05h

Link to your Sourcebans record

(If relevant) Who gave you permission to apply?
None required due to FF2 needing Staff Members.

Server you are applying for
#13 Freak Fortress 2

General online times & time zone
Current timezone is GMT+2
My online times depend heavily on my work-hours that week, but usually, I’ll be around from 2pm to 11pm all week. (Most shifts are Evening Shifts, thus certain days I won’t be available whatsoever)

Do you have a working microphone?
Yes, yes I do.

Previous experience as Admin or Moderator
I have had experience on Gmod for the most part. Nothing related to TF2, however.

What would you say makes you a suitable candidate?
I have my fair share of experience within the Server and established myself as quite the character in FF2. I’ve acknowledged and seen that FF2 is in dire need of new blood in terms of Admins, and wish to fulfil that role as such.
Furthermore, I have read, reported & followed the rules thoroughly throughout my 40 days.
Think all of this, besides my own one time screw-up, should paint me as a trustworthy and truthful person, that certainly would make me quite suitable for the position.

Brief explanation & Overview for policies and punishments
As such, I will also try to mention any FF2 specific Rules and outline those as well.

For more generalized Rules:
This includes Gags/Mutes & Bans
  • A brief chat warning to warn the specific player of what rule he broke and that he should stop with it
  • 180 Minutes
  • 720 Minutes
  • 1440 Minutes
  • 4320 Minutes
  • 43200 Minutes
  • Permanent

General Punishment List for FF2:

No camping/delaying as the Boss:

  • A simple warning and subsequent slay (if necessary)
  • Kicking as a more verbal warning
  • Follow through with the Generalized Rules section punishment list
No teaming:
  • A simple verbal warning via chat
  • A kick if necessary
  • Follow through with the Generalized Rules section punishment list
Generally being AFK / Going AFK as hale:
  • Checkup if the player is still AFK
  • A kick if necessary (or slay)
  • Follow through with the Generalized Rules section punishment list
Ghosting: (By definition for FF2)
  • Verbal warning for anyone involved
  • Follow through with the Generalized Rules section punishment list
(as the incorrect class, with the incorrect items as such or as Hale)
  • Verbal warning
  • A slay if necessary
  • A kick if necessary
  • Follow through with the Generalized Rules section punishment list
Gonna try to keep it short. Never noticed any problems when playing while you were on the server, thought that was just because I was on at the same time but I haven't noticed any problems when I was on an alt either. You respect the rules and I never heard any complaints about you. There was that little ban accident back in July but it got cleared up rather quickly. I think you're a great candidate for an admin.

Nice to see you apply, Otis!
I'm already convinced that youd make a great admin. You're active on the server, you respect the rules, give warnings and make reports when needed, and I'd say your chatlog is pretty clean aswell!
So as it stands for me, its a +1 from me!
The pros i see is the calls and reports you make and your playtimes seems stable enough but the small issue i have is that report on faith i dunno if you were idle or not but if you get accepted you have to know you have to treat everyone the same way so friends/regulars should get the same treatment as others.
Other than that i see nothing else to add to this im gonna be Neutral
Good luck anyways
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